Vamp Tramp Talk

The Vampire Diaries “The New Deal” – January 5, 2012

Ah, finally the love of my life has returned. The mid-season break is rough and is over just in time as I’ve run out of Storage Wars episodes to keep me occupied. These past weeks drug on with nothing to look forward to. So thank the Lord, the return of the Stefan-Elena-Damon triangle and all the beautiful people. Hey, did you ever notice practically no adults are ever around – TVD is like the modern, cooler version of Charlie Brown – Parents are not seen nor heard, other than our favorite hot guardian Alaric and the occasional glimpse of the Sheriff or Mrs. Mayor. Anywho, as always this episode was full of scheming, killing, witch magic, Elena worrying, and sexy Damon eyes – and it continues to keep us excited and guessing. This is not a recap of the storyline, just some note-worthy moments of the night that are fun to discuss.

Favorite Damon moments:
1. When Klaus stepped toward Elena in a menacing threatening way at the Grill and Damon stepped between them in a protective manner. Swoon!
2. Elena to Damon: “You’re a day-drunk. That’s not exactly your most attractive look.” Damon to Elena: “Oh. What is my most attractive look?” *the eyebrows*
3. Damon to Stefan: “You go after Klaus you’re going to have to be cut-throat and devious and I am so much better at that than you.” Damon’s best line of the night.
4. Do I even need to mention the final scene? The thank you, the wanting look, the expression of guilt, the kiss? I have no words, I was too lost in Damon’s touch. Swoon!

Other note-worthy moments of the night:
1. Klaus’s entrance at the Grill. “I just came down to me local pub to have a drink with a mate.” … “I might fancy a home here.” That accent…*purrrr*… I’m actually glad that the writers messed that up and gave him an aristocratic British accent instead of the Austrian or Romanian or whatever it should have been for the originals. I may want Klaus dead but his accent makes me nether regions tingle. Wouldn’t mind fancying a shag from that one, I would. If we could just give him some sweet romantic lusty lines, I’d melt like butta. But fear not, he is pure evil and so I will try to look past the accent and the soft kissable lips to his cold black dead greedy heart. Solution to me craving Klaus’ lips on my neck: kill Klaus!
2. I was pissed at Jeremy & Tyler for their careless ways – making it so Alaric got hit by the car. Damn, how many times has he been killed now? And the ring is supposed to protect him from death by supernatural powers. So does hit by a car really count as supernatural? Granted it was driven by a hybrid vamp/wolf but it was still a vehicle that killed him so I think that is stretching it a little thin. Oh well. Solution to protect family: kill Klaus!
3. Speaking of Alaric, he looked so damn sexy when he was leaving the hospital and Dr. Fell (as in Fell in love with Alaric) said “What is your secret? Guardian angel or did you sell your soul to the devil?” And he gave that look and said, “A little of both.” Damn boy! That was a hot look and a hot line big Daddy.
4. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. tsk tsk. tsk. Man, I’m so disappointed in him. He was one of my faves. I loved him & Caroline together. And I loved him on the vamp side even though he was a were. But now that he is under Klaus’ control, he sucks! He’s a naive traitor douche bag. I want sweet shirtless Tyler back. Solution: kill Klaus!
5. LOVED IT when Elena slapped Stefan and told him to go to hell. It’s about time girl. No body treats us like that and gets away with it. Solution to Stefan’s attitude problem: kill Klaus!
6. Way to go Jeremy for telling Tyler off. And way to go Jeremy for cross-bowing then chopping stalker hybrid dude. Way to get tough! Solution to both friend and foe coming after you: kill Klaus!
7. Alaric: “How’s Jeremy?” Elena: “Hating me, hating life, hating the fact that we can’t even have a family dinner without somebody dying before dessert.” –Best Elena line of the night.
8. Hair Review: Alaric’s hair is back to better shorter lengths, as is Damon’s. I was afraid Damon was heading for a mullet. Tyler now takes the prize for too much poof. Solution: kill show’s hairstyists! (just kidding)

till next time…


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