The Castaway Plan

I have always wanted to go to Positive Changes and get hypnotized to love eating healthy and exercising. I wanted to hypnotize away my love of yummy food. I felt like that is the only way I could ever stop eating the foods I love that are so bad for me (chocolate, pizza, ice cream, creamy pasta dishes, cheese, breadsticks – take your pick). But lately I have kind of been starting to change my thinking on my own. Unfortunately it hasn’t taken complete hold yet, but when I stop and think about it this is what comes to mind… To have the health and body that I want to have, I should eat as if I am stranded on an uninhabited island.

Now let me clarify – I don’t mean to starve myself into anorexia. But as I am trying to think of food as fuel versus my favorite hobby, it brings to mind the survivor type shows my family watches. Survivor, Survivorman, The Island, Dude You’re Screwed, Ultimate Alaska Survival, Naked & Afraid, Alone – to name a few. We LOVE our wilderness survival shows in our house. Often on these shows they struggle to find food, and without food they have no energy to build shelter, gather fire wood or walk themselves to civilization. I remember on one episode – I think it was Naked Castaway – the guy was finding small snails or limpets of some kind on a rock, eating them and saying how many calories were in each one (something ridiculously small like 15 calories) and how many he would have to eat to get enough nutrition. On the show Alone, the men were almost starving on rainy days they could not get out and find food. Catching a fish was the highlight of their stay and kept them strong for another day. One guy was busting his balls trying to catch a moose to eat. A moose! Like who would that fill up? Starving people, that is who. So when I want to graze out of boredom or gobble up some deliciousness for the fun of it, instead I need to think about how if I was on that island, and I’d had a banana for breakfast, a citrus & beet salad for lunch, and a chicken & shrimp skewer for dinner, that would totally be enough to keep me surviving and moving. I don’t have to eat three slices of pizza to survive. If I was stranded on an island there would be no pizza, I would be happy to find snails and a coconut. (yuck) But you get the drift. I don’t want to starve myself, and I don’t want to eat like I’m poor circa Hunger Games. I just want to retrain my body to become more realistic on what it actually needs to survive and function. I have let my food cravings dictate my life for far too long. Now my body needs to use fat stores for energy. And replacing junk food with nutrient rich foods makes me feel great after eating instead of tired and bloated. When I do “cheat” I need to eat smaller portions because I am not climbing trees, chopping logs, or hiking across glaciers to burn enough calories to justify eating like a lumber jack or a navy seal. I sit at a desk for most of the day. Instead of feeling deprived when I can’t have French Fries, and am getting sick of sweet potatoes and chicken, I need to remember if I was stranded on an island I would be ecstatic to have sweet potatoes or chicken, its more than most of those “survivors” get in a day. Give me some salmon, squash and an apple and I should be good. No one needs Ding Dongs or Cool Ranch Doritos to survive. I wonder how many chemicals are in that cool ranch powder flavoring anyway?

In America we have so many choices in food and drinks; we are used to it all at our finger tips. (And the commercials – damn you Olive Garden!) But if you really look next time you are at Grocery store, it is REDICULOUS! We have a hundred different kinds of breakfast cereal. We have three or more brand names of every sauce or condiment there is, plus an original and fat free version of each. We have thirteen different flavors of Ranch dressing. And the number of different flavors and brands of potato chips is out of this world. How many brands and styles of every stupid thing is there? Juices, Pop or Beer – don’t get me started. But if I was surviving in nature (where none of those foods exist because those are all contrived with chemicals in labs and factories) I would have basic choices of meats and vegetables and need to make my meals from those. I am learning to bring vegetables of all kinds into my daily menu and it feels good. The Whole30 program started me on this course and now it is my responsibility to keep going, to keep making good choices, and to retrain my brain myself, without being hypnotized.


Bachelorette -D2 – The Right Reasons Rappers

Why has it taken me all week to get up my weekly reflection on the Bachelorette? Well I was hoping the negative reaction I was having to Monday’s show could be blamed on a grumpy mood and lack of sleep. However, after giving it a couple of days and watching the show again, my feelings didn’t change. So here it goes. Before this season started I really liked Desiree. My opinion of her was that she was genuine, likeable, intelligent, athletic, fun, strong, and emotionally level-headed. But for some reason, all of episode 2, she seems really fake to me. I have the feeling that she is really caught up in the excitement of the show, LA, the fancy cars, mansions and over-the-top dates. Who can blame her? That stuff is exciting and overwhelming for those of us who are less fortunate and I can only imagine between the lifestyle and the hot guys hanging on your every word that you would feel like a kid on Christmas morning. And so maybe the fakey vibe I’m getting is just her excitement being more about the experience than the men?? I don’t know. I just felt she was using her kindergarten teacher voice on the dates and it felt fake and a little forced. Or maybe it’s just me being a tired, grumpy, cynic.  Also I don’t like it when they fake surprise – the men don’t know what is going to happen on the date but the Bachelorette does and I think the faking ignorance is irritating – like me acting surprised when my kids tell me they got two dollars from the Tooth Fairy. Necessary for seven-year olds, not for grown men.

 The 1st one-on-one date of the season went to Brooks, Mr. Wavy hair & smile. He is very nice to look at, and proved to be a fun date. Con #1: the already over-done bridal salon date. Let’s take two people who have barely met and force them to dress as if they are getting married tonight, nothing awkward about that. Bachelor producers, please! Can we take this theme out of the rotation now? Just like with American Idol using the same theme nights after 12 seasons, I am equally bored of the Bachelor Franchise using the same date ideas every season. The wedding photos, the dinner in a closed off public location (this case middle of a bridge), and most staged of all dancing to a private concert.  But date choice is not Brook’s fault and he does well yakking it up in a bright green leprechaun suit, which is Pro #1: silly side. Con #2: they hiked to the Hollywood sign in a freaking wedding gown and tux. Yeah, that screams reality. Pro #2: conversation went well. Pro #3: Did I mention how good-looking Brooks is? Con #3: My cynic side is annoyed when Brooks talks about his feels. I have a hard time believing that it is real too. Probably more to do with being married to a man who NEVER talks about his feelings for twelve years than actually to do with Brooks. Good thing I’m not in the dating world because I’d probably never again believe a word out of a man’s mouth. I’ve already seen the wizard behind the curtain.

Group Date: Rapping “Right Reasons” under direction of actual rapper Soulja Boy. The worst white boy rhymes ever, and easily the most humiliating date of all time. I’m glad they had fun with it but if I was the Bachelorette I wouldn’t even want to put them through that. And WTH, the only black guy can’t dance? Bummer. I would have really liked to see more of Will. They drew a few comparisons of this seasons men to some of the seasons past and I couldn’t help but think of “Guard & Protect Your Heart” Kasey every time I saw Brandon after that. If he ends up leaving soon, it will be because of that comparison. Please don’t be that guy. James was a constant comic relief (or pain in the ass heckler depending on how you look at it). Side note: I wonder how bad the bachelor pad house smells. I mean just because these are all well manscaped, waxed men doesn’t mean they aren’t still farting, pooping, stinking men like the ones we’re married too. Just less hair on the bathroom floor.

 2nd One-on-One Date – Road trip with Bryden. Pro# 1: Now this date I liked! This is totally what I would have enjoyed and a great way to get to know someone and not just have it be about the glitz. Pro #2: Bryden was sweet and the right amount of shy and fun. I’m sticking with my first impression of liking him. I liked that he admitted that he wasn’t ready for a relationship before and used the military as an excuse not to have one, now he’s ready. I felt it was pretty genuine. I cannot tell if Des is into him or just thinks he’s nice and is telling all the guys how much fun she’s having. Con 31: During their end of night dip in the pool, Des tries easing the awkward tension of Bryden’s nervous stalling before their first kiss by saying “just kiss me already” I go back and forth between thinking it was cute, and being turned off by it. I just felt like he’s a shy traditional guy and being that aggressive could have turned him off or made me felt emasculated. I’ve learned through personal experience that sometimes guys don’t want those moments taken away from them, they want to feel that they’re in charge. And I just felt like that was not really the sweet first kiss moment you want to look back on. There was obviously an uncomfortable lull in the conversation before she said that, but, I don’t know just didn’t feel right to me. I really like Bryden, but I have a feeling she is going to end up being too forward and aggressive for him, or him to reserved for her, however you want to look at it. Also she seems very ready to kiss all the guys. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, just none of them have felt special yet.

 Reception night:  Pro #1: Zak W. (aka shirtless guy) surprised Des with an antique journal with a message from a father to his daughter written on the inside cover. I actually really thought that was a thoughtful and special gift. I would have been impressed and I think she was too. She may not be into him romantically but that was a very good effort and showed some depth on his side. Con #1: Boy drama – oh brother – this is the whiniest bunch of boys we’ve had on here to date. I don’t think Ben was as bad as the previews made him look. Yes they all feel competitive with him because they can tell he’s “in the lead” but he doesn’t seem intentional about it like Bentley or Tierra. When approached by the other guys about his rude ‘cutting-in’ I thought he handled himself like a gentleman. The nice-guy thing would be not to interrupt people when you already have a rose, but at least afterwards he wasn’t all “I’m not here to be your friend” “I’ll do what I want”. He was still respectful in word, even if not in action. So I will wait and see what happens before I decide if he is the evil one to hate this season or if the other guys are just jealous. Con #2: Michael needs to learn how to tell a story faster anyway. I mean why do they always have to start a story out with “well it all started with a phone call…(add drama & suspense) instead of just saying …”I have diabetes.” Come on, make a long story short people you know you could be interrupted at any second, and whoops you were. Pro #2: I LOVE Desiree’s green gown, so beautiful.  Pro/Con?: Brandon shares his story of a tough childhood with Des and she appreciates it but is she into him? I can see him possibly getting labeled as the “too emotional/insecure one”.

At the Rose Ceremony Des sends home Will (No!), Nick (No!) and Robert (aka Caterpillar-brow). I thought Will and Nick were two of the hotter guys and certainly would have kept them around longer. Disappointed in that decision. This week my top picks are Bryden, Brooks, and Juan Pablo. Ben & Brandon are now questionable. What are your thoughts? Anyone else feel as irritable about it as I did?

Let the Fantasy Begin! Premier of The Bachelorette Season 9 – Desiree Hartsock

ImageWelcome back to another season of The Bachelorette. First of all I’ll remind you that Desiree (Des) was my early favorite from last season’s Bachelor, so I am super happy she’s our Bachelorette. Second reminder, this is not a recap of what happened but rather my comments/opinions on what happened. Pretend you’re on the leather sectional next to me, snuggled in my favorite soft blankie and we’re fast forwarding through commercials together making fun of what we see. If you haven’t already seen episode 1, you can view it here –!watch/493783. Third, I did something tonight that I’ve never done before – I let my boys watch the first hour of the show with me. Previously I’ve always waited until they went to bed to watch the show because this “reality show” is anything but realistic and I don’t want my boys growing up thinking it is acceptable to date multiple women at once. But, I might just let them watch the show with me for Blog-sake if nothing else because they made it hilarious! When the guys were making fun of the dude in the Knight’s armor and someone said “Don’t go near the water, you’re probably not going to float.” My kids laughed like it was the funniest thing they’ve ever heard. I told them the men each got to introduce themselves to the lady and they sometimes tried to do something memorable or silly but sometimes it came off as dorky and I felt embarrassed for them. So God love him my 10-year-old kept asking, “was that a dorky intro mom?” “I think that one went pretty well, right?”  But then of course he said the dreaded, “When I’m a grown up maybe I’ll go on the Bachelor to find a girl.” To which I said, “Well you better keep those abs of steel then because no matter what Daddy says women don’t find fat guts attractive and the show only lets on successful muscular guys. Oops, bad mom moment – years from now we’ll look back on this moment as where the body image damage began so never mind, probably shouldn’t let them watch any more.

 As usual the show starts off with a background on Des, who I think it’s fair to say is super likeable. America loves her because she is from a humble background and is not whiney or pageantry. At the beginning of the show I was thinking, “I can’t believe there are still this many good looking men willing to come on this show”. Then we saw the intros and well, it is obvious that they are getting less applicants each year, as the pool of twenty-five has progressively fallen from all solid tens to more of a bell curve. Of course I said that last season on Emily’s first night too and then ended up thinking a number of them were good looking, so here’s hoping I’m wrong and that getting to know their personalities (or seeing them out of those suits) will change my mind.

 I immediately liked Bryden, the army soldier from Montana back from Iraq. He’s the kind of laid-back manly country boy that I’m attracted to and seems sweet. I also liked Brandon and Drew from their back story clips. If they get together, Drew’s mentally-handicapped sister should have lots in common with Des’s brother. (what, too mean? You’re right I’m sure Drew’s sister is too nice for him.)

 Most awkward introductions:

1. Doctor Larry’s attempt at a little dancing dip that ends in Des’s dress being torn. He did feel bad and I think he was probably a good guy but just wasn’t able to recover from that.

2. Jonathon’s fantasy suite invite. This could have been a good idea if it had said you can forgo the other twenty-four men and ride off in the sunset with me right now or something sweeter than a suggestion to hook-up in a fantasy suite.

3. Knight Diogo. Oiye! The Knight in shining armor idea was fantastic actually and would have been amazing if A.) the guy could move and walk in it properly and not look like a fool about to fall over. B.) Was drop dead gorgeous when he removed his helmet (which was not the case here, maybe he should have kept the helmet on like the mask guy) and C.) had said, “your Knight in Shining Armor has arrived my Lady…” Even my 10-year-old picked up on this and went from excited to shaking his head in 2.5 seconds.

 Best introductions:

1. Ben using adorable son Brody to melt Des’s heart.  (Damn you Bachelor producers for showing us previews of Ben later turning out to be a bad guy so now I’m doubting if this is even his kid or did he hire/borrow one for the night?)

2. Was it Chris that did the tying the shoe joke? That was pretty cute.

 Other notable comments:  Kasey – OMG is he going to talk in #Hashtags the whole time? It’s not funny when Mariah Carey does it on Idol and it’s not funny now. A magician! OK the rose out of his sleeve was pretty cute idea but then he should have dropped the magic acts after that. That is only cute if you’re under twelve, and constantly reminding her of your dorky hobby/profession is not helping. Might as well pull out some Star Trek action figures and ask her to play. FYI, Robert will here-on-out be referred to as ‘Caterpillar-brows’. And I am not sure what all Juan Pablo said when meeting Des (noisy kids in the room remember) but it was obvious she was uncomfortable and was hurrying him along.

 My son’s favorites of the night were: Zak W (shirtless guy), Will (Yoga guy), Chris (Mortgage Broker from OR) and Brandon (because he was coping me). Then I hurried the kids off to bed before hour 2 of show started.

My current top picks based on first night impressions:  Brandon (Painting Contactor from MN), Ben (Entrepreneur from TX), Will (Banker from WA), Drew (Digital Marketing Analyst from AZ), and lastly Michael G (Federal Prosecutor from NY) and Dan (Beverage Sales Director from CA) who we didn’t hear much from so I am basing these two solely on looks.

 Every season there is a guy or two that we like in some way but we know he’s either not marriage material or not a good fit for our girl and won’t make it to the end of the show. So I’m going to start giving honorable mention awards to these guys who do it for us in one way or another. The Hot, Panty Dropper Award goes to Juan Pablo (former Pro Soccer Player from Venezuela). Hmm maybe I should add him to my list above. The Most Fun/Adventurous/Obnoxious Award goes to Zak W. (aka Shirtless Guy). Was it just me or did he look like he was flexing the whole time? That had to be tiring.

 There’s almost always a first night embarrassing kick to the curb (usually for someone who drinks too much) and tonight that honor went to Jonathon (aka Fantasy Suite guy) for being oblivious to the ‘No Way In Hell’ vibe Des was putting off, continuing to creep her out until she sent him packing mid-party. Way to stand your ground Des! The other tickets home went to Nick R (Magician – need we say more?), Larry (Dr. dress-ripper), Micah (whose attempt at designing his own outfit was a major fail) and Diogo (sad boy in Knight’s costume).  The previews for the season to come promise loads of shit, I mean drama, as usual. But here’s the thing – it irritates me when they show too much of what is going to go down because then you don’t even get to learn it along the way you already know who is going to turn out to have a girlfriend and be a lying sleeze who just wants to be famous. And what is up with sites already listing spoilers for the whole season? I refuse to read them! And if someone tweets me the winner’s name I’m going to blow a gasket. I hate SPOILERS for shows like this. I don’t want to know the last page of the book or there’s no point in reading it. I don’t want to know who they pick in the end of there is absolutely no point to me watching the whole season. Don’t tell me. Laalaalaalaalaalaa (ears covered).

What were your first impressions?

The Bachelorette Season 8 Finale – Emily’s Engagement

Sunday night was the final episode and “After the Final Rose” show for this season’s Bachelorette, Emily Maynard. No offense to any of the other Bachelorettes, I liked Trista and love that her and Ryan are still married and making babies in a pretty normal life in Colorado, and I adored Ali, but this season has been my favorite. It has not been the funniest or most outrageous, but Emily has been the most honest, wise, true-to-herself and most in control of her own destiny than ever before.

If you haven’t watched the finale yet – you must – my slackerness has given you plenty of time to. You can watch full episodes here – My summary is very brief and generalized.

The three hour finale starts off with Emily introducing Jef to her parents, brother and soon-to-be-sister-n-law. Of course they all love him. Jef is a total sweetie, what’s not to love. Emily & Jef are getting along great and I still think she lights up with happiness around him. Second day is time for my man Arie to meet the folks. They start the day thinking they aren’t going to like him or give him a chance because they like Jef so much, but of course they end up liking Arie too and are just as torn between the two of them as Emily is. Emily is visibly irritated with her family when they can’t provide any insight or advice to help steer her one way or the other. At this point I can see that Emily & Jef have a deep emotional connection, friendship and respect. And I feel that Emily & Arie have immeasurable chemistry and attraction. From the beginning I have said it will be Arie. Jef has slowly come from behind and been sweeping her off her feet. It really has been like the tortoise versus the hare.

After the family meet & greets, each guy gets one more final day-long date with Emily before she has to chose between them. First up is Jef. Things are going good but he is wondering how things will be with Rikki and wants to meet her. Emily was on the fence about introducing her six-year old daughter to two guys, but Jef makes total sense when he asks her what she would feel if the situation was reversed and she was about to get engaged to someone whom she hadn’t met their child yet. It looks like he talks her into it, although it could be the editing. So Jef gets to meet little Rikki and play in the pool with her. They all mesh well like a happy little family. Here is the big surprise. Emily calls Chris Harrison down for a chat and show-changing-decision. I am completely shocked when Emily says she knows what she wants now and doesn’t want to have her final date with Arie, because her mind is made up on Jef. WHAT? Arie didn’t get the over-night fantasy suite, now Arie doesn’t get to meet Rikki. He is shocked and devestated when Emily tells him and I am laying on my couch crying like a big boob. My husband teases me that I am in love with Arie, is paranoid I’m going to start following Indy-car-racing and offers to find me a poster of him. I’m not in love with him…cha…I’m a thirty-something-year-old married woman. Or am I in love with him? No, I just think he is adorable and sweet and was so in love with Emily. I feel so heartbroken for him and end up crying all the way into half of the ATFR. WTH? Hormonal perhaps.

Anyway, Emily lets Jef know he’s her soulmate, he proposes, she says yes, its all very sweet and poetic and beautiful, everyone is happy, yadda yadda. On to “After the Final Rose”. Don’t get me wrong. I like Jef – he’s a super great guy and I totally agree he will make a wonderful husband and father and family man. I think they actually have a shot at making it work if he moves to be close to her right away, which he says he will. I do think they are cute together and make each other very happy. But gosh, for some reason I am still so sad for Arie. And still shocked a bit. So I don’t really have much else to say about that. I think Arie is cute and nice and actually hope he doesn’t get more involved in the Bachelor Nation by being the Bachelor or on the BachelorPad or anything. I hope he finds a nice a girl the normal way.

On to BachelorPad – the hilarious drunken slutty train wreck starts tomorrow (Monday).

The Bachelorette: Episode 8 – Home On The Range…the Racecar Track, the Suburbs & the Windy City

Ok, I know, I know, I’ve been slacking. There are a couple things at play here: 1.) It’s that time of month that I have minimal motivation and a huge dose of just-don’t-give-a-damn. 2.) A busy kid-oriented week with 4th of July holiday and swim lessons. So I apologize for the delay. I don’t think I have much to say about this week’s episode of the Bachelorette anyway. Let’s see…

Season 8, episode 8 Emily Maynard’s journey to find love continues on home-town dates to meet her top-4-fave-guys’ families, all of which turn out to be pretty good people.

1. Chris in Chicago. Eh, I’m so not into Chris that their date didn’t stick out in my mind much, and it must not have to her either. When he was talking about being Polish all I could think about were “How many Polacks does it take…” jokes. So mean, I know, I’m horrible. His family was actually pretty nice. Chris proclaims his love to Emily and she barely had any reaction. When Arie and Jef have said it, she gets a super happy smile on her face like she wants to do a happy dance but is holding it in.

2. Jef in St. George, Utah, where the landscape is gorgeous and the wives are bountiful. So apparently Jef is LDS, although I don’t recall him ever bringing that up. Isn’t that something they should have discussed earlier? Or was it just edited out? I didn’t peg him as such earlier and could have sworn we even saw him drinking beer, could be wrong. Or maybe he’s Jack-Mormon, which is my favorite kind. I apologize for any negative sounding remarks, my husband watched with me again (probably not a good idea anymore) and was a constant chatter of five-wives comments in my ear. Yes, I wanted to slap him too. Anyway, Emily was super nervous and I would have been too. Meeting any large close-knit-family is an overwhelming event whether they are LDS, Japanese, Portuguese or good ole American red-neck trailer trash – the larger the crowd the more the nerves. And she was so cute when she was like “wow, there are a lot of people here” – get used to it honey. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jef, who I’d pictured as totally city, preppy was quite country. Wow. Love his family’s Ranch. Emily had some cute quotes: “WHO KNEW, JEF AND HIS SKINNY JEANS…?” LOL
“I may or may not have pretended not to know how to hold a shotgun.”
At the end of the day Jef reads Emily a love letter that is so sweet, she looks swept off her feet. I remember when I used to get love letters like that, back when I was a teenager, before men turned off their emotions altogether. Ah, the good ole days.

3. Arie in Scottsdale, Arizona. Where it was probably a hundred degrees even in February and his parents are Dutch (speaking, no wooden shoes). Arie starts things off rough, I think, by making Emily nervous that his mom might be skeptical and may be hard to win over. Not cool, he could have lied so she wouldn’t be so worried. He should have been like, “oh they’re great, they’re going to love you, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” But I did like how Arie said, “maybe as a team we can approach it right” I so want a man that makes life a team effort. That is a good sign. Question: When Arie’s parents were speaking Dutch, how come they didn’t provide subtitles at the bottom of the screen so we at home could have known what they were saying? That sucked. I felt bad for Emily, sitting there not knowing what they were saying other than it was probably about her. That was totally rude of them. Thankfully Arie finally said something, but I thought he let it go on too long. I think Arie’s hometown/parents were actually the most difficult ones of the four hometown dates. But since I like Arie so much, it didn’t change my opinion of him, and I bet his parents are totally fun once you get to know them better. As Emily pulls away Arie talks about how he and Emily will be getting married and he can’t see it any other way. So sweet!
(The husband’s comments on this one revolved around Europeans nudity..blah, blah…tuning him out). The European thing Arie was warning Em about was visible when Arie & his Dad kissed each other goodbye – I thought it was cute.

4. Sean in Texas. The RICH part of Texas by the look of his parent’s house. Other than Kensington’s House (his niece’s giant fancy playhouse in his parents back yard, which I so want), I wasn’t crazy about this date. It was alright. Sean is hot, but there is something missing for me. When he told Emily he still lived at home with his parents and showed her his disgustingly filthy bedroom I was actually relieved thinking ok now she can definitely get rid of him with no concerns because that shit isn’t going to fly. Emily is of course as polite as can be, “You do, oh cool”, when really she’s thinking “Oh shit! Seriously!?”
When he said he wished his Mom would have picked up a little bit, I was like “oh no he didn’t.” No way I’d pick this slacker kid who doesn’t clean up after himself. But Sean then tells her it’s all a joke; he doesn’t really live at home. Is it just me or was neither of the jokes they played on Emily very funny? Maybe it was because they didn’t get a reaction from her, or because afterwards his very boring parents didn’t even burst out laughing? (I will admit Sean’s Dad was super sweet.) If I was Sean, I’d have been concerned when Emily acted like nothing was wrong and it was all ok, because it could mean she’ll never really let him know when things bother her, just always act like everything is fine even when it’s not. I’m still holding on to the suspicion that Sean does still secretly live with his parents. There’s just something I’m not fully trusting with him.

Emily seems totally in love with Sean’s family – or is it their house? – And calls him honey a couple of times. So at this point I am guessing that Chris will be the one sent home and sure enough, he is. Providing another perfect opportunity for him to show his bad temper and act like a pouty toddler throwing a fit. When she tries to explain her reasoning to him, he snaps at her, which is further proof that she made the right decision. Seeing his temper makes me wonder what kind of a dad he would be right now. You can’t control kids. I could see him getting flustered, losing his cool and snapping or yelling at Rikki. Glad he’s gone.

Final Three: Arie, Jef, Sean. Arie is the only one left from my top 3 the very first episode, but the other two have been slowly growing on me all season. My prediction is a showdown between Arie and Jef, with her picking Arie and Jef being heartbroken. I could see either of those relationships working, but think it wouldn’t last long-term with Sean. Either way it’ll be sad for someone.
Hmmm, turns out I did have a lot to say about that show.

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