Stumbling Along, the Journey Continues

I haven’t blogged since my thirty days of the Whole30 ended, eleven days ago. January was a success for me – I stayed true to the Whole30 program and ended up losing 15 pounds and two inches off my waist. I was so happy with the results and it was enough incentive for me to continue to eat healthy and use what I’ve learned. However, since then I have had a number of ups and downs. I was very tired the last week of the program and was looking forward to adding a few foods back into my menu. But then when the day finally got here I was almost afraid to have anything non-compliant and still have not had some of the things I was craving. I did pretty good the first five days, having one piece of bread one night or using store bought spaghetti sauce over my spaghetti squash instead of the homemade sauce another, but mostly ate the same natural foods and was able to stay the same weight…until Friday. Friday was the first day I had something really bad – a cupcake at the office SuperBowl potluck. Saturday was half good, half naughty and Sunday was a strait out sinful day full of simple carbs. I never want to eat Velveeta cheese dip again. Ever! I felt so sick. I was over-stuffed (a feeling I hadn’t had in over a month) and miserable. I felt so down on myself, so much guilt. The good news is, I feel like I learned a valuable lesson. I don’t like how I feel on bad-for-me, “food with no brakes” foods. I need, want and crave the healthy fuel that gives me good energy and makes me feel proud of myself.

So I am back on the plan with alterations. I have gone from about 900 calories a day to 1200. I am allowing myself tortillas and black beans. I will allow myself restaurant vinaigrette and feta cheese on my salad. Since I didn’t really have any health issues or stomach issues when I started the Whole30 (just no energy, bloated and sugar addiction) I feel like I can add these items back into my life in moderation. Most other things I can live without. I might have a treat now and then but I am going to try to limit them as much as possible. I even went through the Dairy Queen drive-thru for the kid this afternoon without getting myself anything or tackling him for a bite of his ice cream. I stayed strong and the more often I do that, the easier it gets. I will not be perfect, and that will be fine as long as I do my best and continue to keep the fat off. I say fat versus weight because I do plan on building muscle and cannot be fixated on what the scale says, but need to go by my body composition, energy and the waistband of my pants. Have you done the Whole30 before? If so, how did you feel once it was over and what did you incorporate back in?


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