I’m Ready!

Today is not New Year’s Day yet I am already thinking about my resolutions and goals for 2016. It is actually the day after Christmas, and after a month of eating anything and everything I wanted, I am actually excited to get started on my “Get Fit 2016” journey. I’ve been enjoying mashed potatoes, pasta, French fries, toast and cookies. All of the fun things that get me to my highest weight ever, the things I won’t be eating from now on. I know how much better I feel when I eat healthy, with fresh fruits and vegetables. I know how much more energy and strength I have when I work out. And I can’t wait to get there again. So I’m not waiting another week, I am starting today.

Months ago I wrote about my intent to kick the soda habit. At that time I was only one week in but I think announcing to the “world” helped me stay accountable and on track. I posted my progress on Facebook and kept count on a calendar. I think the thing that made my new habit stick was not wanting to go back on my word, or start over. When I saw that I was on day 50 of no soda I felt so good about accomplishing that number that I didn’t want to lose. I am now 6 months without my beloved high-fructose corn syrup Coke-Cola and Pepsi and although I miss it often, I no longer like the taste, and am proud of myself. So I am going to try that same approach with my weight loss and fitness journey and hope my pride won’t let me quit.

I am starting slowly this week as a transition phase before starting The Whole 30 program Jan 1-30. I will be tossing out the table full of cookies and pies that we have so much of they don’t even look good to me anymore. Sometime this week I will make a final trip to Five Guys for my favorite bacon cheeseburger I have been craving lately, I will take my kids to a movie and eat my favorite salty popcorn, and I will drink the new bottle of wine I already bought. But in between these last few indulgences I will also be incorporating the healthy foods back in. Today for example I’ve had green tea, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and chives for breakfast and a salad with apples and pears for lunch.

I am a little iffy on the exercise plan right now. I have totally been in the mood to workout lately, however, I’ve had a couple physical limitations. Stitches in a high traffic area that shouldn’t be stretched, pulled, or have extra weight tugging on it. And a shoulder that has been hurting for a month. I have no idea what is wrong with it, could be arthritis or something torn on the inside, but doesn’t seem to be getting better. Hurts when I move it certain ways or apply body weight on it. So I am going to have to start small with walking and build from there. I am actually toying with the idea of signing up for a friend’s “Couch to 5K” running group. Or maybe joining the gym on the corner. But don’t hold me to it yet, I said I’m toying with the idea. I’ll keep you updated.

Anyway, I am very hopeful that I can make permanent changes in my life. Now that I was successful with removing one bad habit I have proven something to myself – that I can do it. I just have to remove many more and add some good ones and I’ll be golden.

Wish me luck, and most of all willpower.


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