Bachelorette – D3 – Dodging Balls

Only one more day to the new episode of the Bachelorette and I realize I have not posted my thoughts on last week’s show. It’s been a week so I don’t have anything brilliant or funny to say. Brief rundown:

Week 3 of Desiree’s quest for love included two group dates, one individual date and the unfolding drama of Brian’s girlfriend. The first group date was a dodge ball competition that had the boys in their short shorts. Brooks proved to be a whiney wuss when he broke his finger. Not that a broken finger wouldn’t hurt, it would, but you’d think when surrounded by your competition and the girl you’re trying to woo that you’d play tough and hold back the tears and shake that off a little, at least until the cameras weren’t looking. So yes, he slipped a notch on my list. However, without the headband, he still reminds me of the cute Timothy Olyphant in the movie Catch And Release.
Timothy_Olyphant           bachelorette brooks vneck
Actually I’m noticing a number of the guys seem like whiney girls this season. I’m especially ready for Michael G. to go home. His and Mikey’s ongoing feud with Ben is irritating.

The individual date went to Kasey, but not until unfolding demise of Brian, whose girlfriend Stephanie showed up to “out” him on national television. Des kicks him off the show, no skin off our backs as I don’t even remember this dude. The one negative effect of the dramatic confrontation the house witnesses is it turns Brandon into an emotional wreck. The man is hot without his shirt on, but he’s a hot mess in the emotional department. He’s a sweetheart and after a couple years of therapy and getting himself together he’ll be a great catch, but he’s not ready. Yes a girl likes a man that isn’t afraid to cry, but they have to be able to control it and cry at appropriate times. Add this to his early divulgence of feelings to Des and I assume he will be sent home soon. Kasey and Des’ date went well but not spectacular. I didn’t see sparks flying but they danced on the side of a building without too much fear or drama, then went for a swim and kissed after their date got stormed out. She gave him the rose to keep him around another week.

The second group date was probably my favorite group date of all seasons. Des took a smaller group of five guys to a ranch where they dressed up like cowboys, learned stunts and acted out old western scenes. The guys were hot in their cowboy gear and had a lot of fun with it. Juan Pablo was the funniest rattling off Spanish and kicking dirt on the bad guy in his scene to win the prize of watching a movie with Des. Bryden proved once again why he is my favorite. He’s sweet, cute and doesn’t make a fool of himself. I was afraid Des wouldn’t be that into him because he’s not as aggressive as her but I might be wrong. I think she sees the good in him too. Here’s a surprising thought – I kind of like Zak W. (shirtless guy). I don’t think he is the cutest but I like his personality. I think he’s thoughtful, positive and has a good spirit. I’d keep him around for awhile to find out more.

Good twist: instead of a dress-up reception they have a pool-side party – if I was Bachelorette that would be my choice every week – HELLO, Shirtless!!  Chris, James and Kasey start out with roses; Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Brooks, Drew, Zack K, Brad, Michael G, Mike & Ben get roses. We say good-bye to Dan and Brandon. I’d like to see more of Drew next week. I think it is still an open race for Des’s heart. And boy she is not shy about kissing them all.


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