Bachelor Ep 4: Let’s Get Physical

Time to discuss this week’s Bachelor, episode 4. (spoiler alert)  You know what? I cannot even make fun of the girls who cry when they don’t get picked for a one-on-one date, because I know if I was there I probably would too. Nobody likes being picked last.

So the 1st Date of the night is with Selma…. I really like her by the way. Jeeping & climbing in Joshua Tree National Park in the desert heat and dirt. That is my kind of date. But definitely not Selma’s kind of date.  She confesses she is not an outdoorsy girl at all. Thank you! I love when people just admit what they are instead of when every girl always says “I’m a tomboy” (as they polish their acrylic nails). I loved when she said, “I feel puffy” talking about the heat. LOL. Ok, but Sean…pink shorts, really? REALLY? They looked gay. I did like how he called her pint sized and said if she couldn’t climb up he’d just strap on her his back. Yeah, there’s my tough man!

So I noticed how Sean was conveniently below her with a great view of her ass the whole time…and I can’t help but think in my twisted mind…wouldn’t it be hilarious if she accidentally farted? You know how if you’re not careful when you’re doing yoga one might slip. Well she was having to strain pretty hard to climb up that rock cliff. Just saying. Selma seemed to whine a little about it in the beginning but I ended up being impressed she did it by the end. It looked like they didn’t even have those spike/handle thingies to grab on to but were actually climbing all natural, old school (except safety rope of course). That would be hard.

 Group Date: Roller Derby! Although this is an awesome idea that I’d be up for, it is also a pretty dangerous one that ended in many injuries.  Dangerous especially when you consider half the girls already want to knock the others on their asses. This will be just the outlet to do so. Has anyone else noticed how most of the dates so far this season have involved gym clothes? When the girls all left the house they looked like they were on their way to yoga class and I was thinking only skinny twig bitches like them could pull off those leggings. Anyway, Ashlee has another honest moment I enjoy too: “I’m your typical girlie girl. I don’t do anything adventurous.” Robyn, god bless her, cannot stay vertical on skates to save her life. And poor sweet Sarah tried so hard, but I totally get how it would be hard to balance with the one arm. And personally I wouldn’t think there would be anything wrong with saying all chill-lax like, “you know what, I think I’m gonna sit this one out.” And sit on the bench and laugh at the others. I have two arms and I would still probably do that. If anyone would have forced her to do it, they would have looked like the A-hole, so it’s a win, win.

2nd Date: Leslie – she gets the expensive clothing & jewelry romantic pretty woman date. However according to Sean there is no romance felt, he cut the date short and sent her home. Man, all dressed up then rejected. That had to have stung. If I was her, I’d have taken my beautiful fancy-ass strait out on the town to pick up another hottie while I was looking that good. I didn’t know much about Leslie from before this date. But she handled herself well, seemed like a solid person and I liked her. But I totally understand if it’s not there, it’s not there. I still would have kept her over some of the other beyotches though just because I like to surround myself with good people.

 Reception/Rose Ceremony:

1.      Thought I had: Have Jackie or Catherine either one even had a conversation with Sean yet? If so, it has not been televised. And they are two that I really liked. We need to see more of them.  Then a bit later in the show, part of that is answered when Sean & Catherine sneak away for some conversation and smoochie smoochie and it sounds like they’ve had plenty of lighthearted chatter before. We just never saw it. And still haven’t seen anything of Jackie with him. She is SO PRETTY!

2.       Amanda may be a little odd, but I loved her flapper style dress tonight.

3.      Tierra’s apology to Jackie & Robyn was fake as hell, but I was thankful that her tone was at least polite and respectful like a grown up so things could get smoothed over, even if only on the surface, rather than escalate into a giant dress tearing catfight. (Now that would have been good ratings.)

4.      Tierra is a Courtney Jr.  It’s all about the “winning”.

5.      My guesses were that Daniella (snarl face) or Amanda were going home tonight. I was half right as here’s who all got roses:

Selma, Tierra, Catherine, Desiree (Des), Lindsay, Lesley (now down to 1), Robyn, Ashlee, Sarah, Jackie, Daniella.

 So, what are you thinking? Fire away!


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