Bachelor: Episode 2 – The Bold & the Beautiful, the Scary & the Hairy!

Well it’s Thursday already and I’m just now gabbing on Monday’s Bachelor. What a slacker right? It’s been a busy week and I didn’t want to stay up until midnight again to get it done. But I have time now to look back on this week’s episode 2 of The Bachelor Sean. This week they begin the dates and we’ll start getting to know the girls better to see if our first impressions from opening night were right.

Free Falling: The first individual date goes to Sarah (blonde, 26, Ad Exec from CO) and I am glad. She is super sweet, smart and pretty. They have an adventure date consisting of helicopter ride to a skyscraper where they harness up, then plummet to their deaths 35 floors below. Ok, they didn’t die. They were strapped in. But really what is the point of that? It’s not climbing or repelling. It’s not skydiving where you get to glide through the air and feel like you’re flying. It is strait down, 30 seconds, scream and pee your pants. Who thinks that sounds fun? Maybe I’m just old…fashioned. Old-fashioned. The good thing about the date is Sarah gets to prove how adventurous she is and that she can do anything despite having only one arm. Well I think of it as one-and-a-half arms, but she says one, so we’ll go with it. Sean doesn’t seem to have any hesitations about her one arm and even runs his hand up & down “halvsie” like he would anyone else. Bonus Points! They are sweet together and actually have a real conversation over dinner. I think they’d make a good couple. She has a good heart and is not snobby or conceited like so many others.

Group Romance: The group date consists of thirteen girls and Sean doing a cover-shoot for Romance Novels. I like this much better than the ‘acting’ shoots they so often do, and being a lover of books, it is right up my alley. Guess who else is excited? Model Kristie who can’t shut up about how amazing this is, how this is her thing, and how she’s going to win the price (a contract to be on the cover). I’m pretty sure she didn’t mention Sean once. Nope, pretty sure it was “contract, contract, model, opportunity, contract, win, win”. And although she does end up winning 1st place, the ‘heat’ that got them there was pure acting. There was no chemistry between the two until she flipped on the switch, then it was quite the scene. There did however seem to be some real chemistry between Sean and Lesley (blonde, 25, Political Consultant, AR/DC). She does have some amazing abs, and their cover which ended up making the top 4, looks the most real and at ease, as did his body language with her.

Here are some further observations on the girls throughout the show:

  •  Put Katie (27, Yoga Instructor, IL) in all black and she is Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. Totally! Actually I notice there are a lot of girls with bad hair tonight. It must be the humidity. Every time I’ve been in California my hair goes strait limp and won’t do anything. Katie’s so sick of her frizz hair she leaves on her own. Well, ok, she didn’t say that was the reason, she just wasn’t comfortable in that dynamic and wanted to leave. I agree. I wouldn’t last a week there.
  • The girl that says “I’m not here to make friends” is always the bitch everyone hates. I don’t think people need to be fake and make fake friends, but I think they should go there planning to be as civil to each other as possible to get through it. And if they meet some people they like along the way and want to stay friends, cool. But keep your bitchiness on the inside like the rest of us; you don’t need to declare it right off the bat. You just end up shooting yourself in the foot. One exception: Courtney who won even though the whole world hated her.
  • 2nd Impressions on a few ladies: I like Selma (brunette, 29, Real Estate Developer, CA) -Beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, worldly. Jackie is really pretty (reddish hair, 25, Cosmetics Consultant, FL). I like Robyn (24, Oilfield Account Manager, TX) more than I did the first night. She’s smart, strong and I love how she comes right out and asks Sean how he feels about women of different nationalities/colors. He had the perfect answer too – that it doesn’t matter – he likes the person for the person and has dated all kinds of women. Way to go Robyn!
  • Lindsay, who was the Bride of Drunkzilla last week, stays sober, acts normal and turns around Sean’s opinion of her. He is pleasantly surprised. My jury is cautiously optimistic.
  • Tierra (brunette, 24, Leasing Consultant, NV) reminds me of Kate Hudson for some reason. Like one of her meaner characters. Maybe it’s the eyebrows? The jawline, or the smile? And she’s one of two that says they are not on there to make friends. She of course spends the group date pouting that she doesn’t have him all to herself.
  • Kacie & Sean discuss the “friend zone” they were in before the show and he says he is willing to let her out of the friend zone and see what happens. Yay! We like her.
  • What is up with Amanda and her split personality disorder? Complete silence is a new approach we’ve not seen on the show before.

Punked: The second individual date is with Desiree, my fave, (brunette, 26, bridal stylist, CO). Sean wants to see if she has a good since of humor and can roll with the punches so he takes her to an art studio where they have set up a prank with actors. A priceless work of art will fall over and break when she’s the only one in the room. She passed the test. Then they go to his pad for dinner and a dip. These two seem perfect together and even Sean says Desiree has everything he is looking for in a best friend and wife. Alright ladies, the rest of you can go home. I think we found our love connection.

Three out of four of my favorites start the ceremony with a rose already and all my favorites make it through another week. What were your thoughts? Previews look like the girl drama is about to hit the fan. See you next week to poke fun at it.


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