Favorites of 2012

The end of another year already. It is so true that the older you and your kids get the faster time flies by. And the busier you are the faster time flies by. A month is like a week to me, a week feels like a day used to. Its so easy for too much time to pass before I realize all the stuff I had planned on doing didn’t get done. 2012 held a lot of sad losses for my family, but I’d like to concentrate on the highs rather than the lows. So here’s my year in review, well really more like a Blog time capsule.

Favorite Book(s) of 2012:

Hmmm that’s hard to pick just one. I read 36 books this year. I’d say Lothaire by Kresley Cole, Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione, and The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter were my favorites. They are all from paranormal romance series that I love and have been following for years. But I was also pleasantly surprised by a couple books I accidentally stumbled upon in the Young Adult Genre: Tempest by Julie Cross and Touch by Jus Accardo. They were both first in new series and I am getting ready to read their second releases soon.

Favorite Movie of 2012:

I can’t remember every movie I saw this year, but I’d have to say PITCH PERFECT was probably my favorite for its humor, good tunes, feel good kind of show that I ended up watching four times and could easily watch again and again.

Favorite New Show(s) of 2012:

My favorite NEW show this season was NBC’s Revolution. Loved it! And loved that my whole family would watch it together. A close second and third place would go to two new CW Action/Dramas: ARROW and Beauty And The Beast. BUT I can’t forget that the new show I probably enjoyed watching the very most was TEEN WOLF – I came to this series late catching up on both seasons 1 & 2 this fall. I have so many shows I try to keep up with already that I usually only add one new series per season to my existing list, but this year I had to add all of these. (In case you were wondering my regular favorites are still: Vampire Diaries for drama and comedies Modern Family and Raising Hope.)

Favorite Song of 2012:

Well all the songs that I listened to the most (over and over again) I just found out were from 2010 and 2011. Yes, I am a little behind. I’m a Mom; enough said. So actual 2012 songs… it was “Someone That I Used To Know” by I am pretty sick of that song now.  So I’d have to give my top pick to Maroon Five’s “Moves Like Jagger”. What? That was 2011 too? Crap! I’m at a loss. I’m obviously not a huge connoisseur of new releases.

Favorite New Purchase of 2012:

This summer I bought this lightweight navy zip-up hooded sweatshirt from Eddie Bauer and love it. Not sure I ever had a favorite clothing item before, but I do now. Because it is lightweight, it is perfect for layering and was great for camping, summer evenings and even for work. (lame perhaps but my laptop and smart phone were purchased in 2011) 

Favorite Hobby/Activity of 2012:

Twitter. Sad but true. It is my new addiction.

Favorite Memory of 2012:

We traveled to Northern Idaho to visit my brother-in-law in August. Instead of staying in a hotel we rented a cabin. It was right on the Spokane River in Post Falls. It was a beautiful setting: pine trees, pristine water, sunshine, surrounded by bigger richer cabins. My favorite part was just lounging in deck chairs in the sun on the dock while the kids played in the water, as the occasional boat or jet skier went by. It was the most relaxing vacation we’ve had in years. It was quiet and therapeutic. We weren’t rushing off to see how much sight seeing we could fit into the day, or standing in line in the heat at an amusement park and paying $8 for a soda. We made most of our meals at the cabin and just hung out. The kids got to swim and paddle boat all day – they loved it! I am hoping we can rent that place again next summer. I think we created lasting memories the kids will look back on with joy. And Mommy and Daddy weren’t stressing or arguing over anything. I didn’t want to leave.

View from the deck of the little round cabin.

View from the deck of the little round cabin.

Greatest Accomplishment of 2012:

I could say my best accomplishment was losing 9 pounds but then I gained 7 of it back, so now that doesn’t count. I could say my work where the accounts I service tripled in sales, but I’m not the salesman so I don’t get credit for that I just do triple the amount of work.  But I did manage all that extra work and only came close to a nervous breakdown a couple times so that is good. I could say that getting my office at home emptied and repainted and made into a bedroom for our youngest son so the boys no longer had to share a bedroom was the best accomplishment. One, because we had so much stuff in there we didn’t think it could be done, and two, because the kids fight a lot less with their own rooms. Another nervous breakdown narrowly averted. Whew.  Now it even feels like we have a little more space in our crowded 1200 sq ft home. But no, my very greatest, biggest, coolest accomplishment of 2012 was saving a life. Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed to say it like that; like people will think I am bragging or calling myself a hero – I’m not. It is just truly an amazing awesome feeling to know that I helped a terminally sick child get better. Although it was pure luck that I was a match, I was able to allow a mother more time with her daughter. And all I had to do was take a couple days off work, get some shots and be hooked up to a machine for a few hours. It wasn’t hard. It didn’t hurt (much). And it left me with a happy high that lasted for months. Going to San Francisco for the stem cell donation was also a fun memory. I had a week of quality time with my mom and got to see a city I had never been to before. I also got five days off from cooking, cleaning and mom responsibilities. It was such a blessing in so many ways.

The magic juice - my stem cell donation.

The magic juice – my stem cell donation.


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