A New Kitty for Katy

I started looking at kittens on our local shelter sights and on Craig’s List just for fun to see what was out there. I came across Sampson’s story. He was found when he was just a couple days old under an outdoor cellar door in the hundred degree heat. They guessed that the stray mother cat must have tried moving her kittens but couldn’t get this one out. So this lady took the kitten home and bottle fed him for the next two months. He grew up with the family’s two daughters, two adult cats, and three dogs. So even though he’d been away from his mother way too early, he was around other cats so I was comforted that he’d know how to act like a cat and not be too needy. The family loved him but didn’t really have the space or the money for an additional pet. They were giving him away for free but they weren’t going to give him to just anyone, they had to find the right home for him. I loved his story and that he was used to dogs. Maybe he wouldn’t run from ours so they could both be in the house. So my son and I went to meet him. He was adorable, playful and not shy. He started purring the second I held him and nuzzled up under my chin. After talking with the family they deemed us worthy and we took him home.

Sweet Sampson

Sampson was not afraid of our dog at all, at first. But our dog Moose only ever saw cats as something to chase so he had to be kept at bay for a few days until he could stop whining and barking at the cat. Within a week they could be together in the same room and if Moose got too close, Sampson would hiss at him and he’d just walk away. (thanks to some good training with the squirt bottle.) Within two weeks they were buddies and even play together now. We just have to watch our 89 lb dog when they are playing to make sure he doesn’t squish the 4 lb cat. Sampson is sweet and cuddly, as well as curious and playful and outgoing. He’ll start purring the second you say his name. He’s my snuggle buddy while I watch my shows and he enjoys hanging out with my boys. He wrestles with stuffed chipmunks and chases the mouse on the fishing pole for hours. He’s not scared of things like my old cat. He’s totally relaxed and laid back and has integrated into our family so seamlessly. I don’t know if its just that I haven’t had a kitten in so long that I forgot, or if he really is the coolest cat ever.

Sampson King of the Couch

Besides getting past the dog hurdle, we are also getting past the allergies hurdle. Me and my husband’s sneezers were activated for the first couple days but we’re building up resistance. And thankfully and most importantly my son has not seemed to be bothered by the cat at all, although we do keep him out of his bedroom just in case. The husband only stayed mad for about a day and because Sampson is so fun, even he has fallen in love with him. I took Sampson in for his first check up and vaccinations this week and the Vet and assistant totally fell in love with his personality too. After having Sampson for just three weeks I feel like he was meant to be our cat. I am totally in love with him. We may be providing a good home for Sampson but he is providing us enterainment and friendship. I notice he has a calming affect on me and my boys are also more mellow with him around. Having a little kitten is teaching these rough and tumble boys some compassion and tenderness. Thank the Lord for our kitty Sampson. Look at this sweet face.

What’s up Mom?


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