The Bachelorette Season 8 Finale – Emily’s Engagement

Sunday night was the final episode and “After the Final Rose” show for this season’s Bachelorette, Emily Maynard. No offense to any of the other Bachelorettes, I liked Trista and love that her and Ryan are still married and making babies in a pretty normal life in Colorado, and I adored Ali, but this season has been my favorite. It has not been the funniest or most outrageous, but Emily has been the most honest, wise, true-to-herself and most in control of her own destiny than ever before.

If you haven’t watched the finale yet – you must – my slackerness has given you plenty of time to. You can watch full episodes here – My summary is very brief and generalized.

The three hour finale starts off with Emily introducing Jef to her parents, brother and soon-to-be-sister-n-law. Of course they all love him. Jef is a total sweetie, what’s not to love. Emily & Jef are getting along great and I still think she lights up with happiness around him. Second day is time for my man Arie to meet the folks. They start the day thinking they aren’t going to like him or give him a chance because they like Jef so much, but of course they end up liking Arie too and are just as torn between the two of them as Emily is. Emily is visibly irritated with her family when they can’t provide any insight or advice to help steer her one way or the other. At this point I can see that Emily & Jef have a deep emotional connection, friendship and respect. And I feel that Emily & Arie have immeasurable chemistry and attraction. From the beginning I have said it will be Arie. Jef has slowly come from behind and been sweeping her off her feet. It really has been like the tortoise versus the hare.

After the family meet & greets, each guy gets one more final day-long date with Emily before she has to chose between them. First up is Jef. Things are going good but he is wondering how things will be with Rikki and wants to meet her. Emily was on the fence about introducing her six-year old daughter to two guys, but Jef makes total sense when he asks her what she would feel if the situation was reversed and she was about to get engaged to someone whom she hadn’t met their child yet. It looks like he talks her into it, although it could be the editing. So Jef gets to meet little Rikki and play in the pool with her. They all mesh well like a happy little family. Here is the big surprise. Emily calls Chris Harrison down for a chat and show-changing-decision. I am completely shocked when Emily says she knows what she wants now and doesn’t want to have her final date with Arie, because her mind is made up on Jef. WHAT? Arie didn’t get the over-night fantasy suite, now Arie doesn’t get to meet Rikki. He is shocked and devestated when Emily tells him and I am laying on my couch crying like a big boob. My husband teases me that I am in love with Arie, is paranoid I’m going to start following Indy-car-racing and offers to find me a poster of him. I’m not in love with him…cha…I’m a thirty-something-year-old married woman. Or am I in love with him? No, I just think he is adorable and sweet and was so in love with Emily. I feel so heartbroken for him and end up crying all the way into half of the ATFR. WTH? Hormonal perhaps.

Anyway, Emily lets Jef know he’s her soulmate, he proposes, she says yes, its all very sweet and poetic and beautiful, everyone is happy, yadda yadda. On to “After the Final Rose”. Don’t get me wrong. I like Jef – he’s a super great guy and I totally agree he will make a wonderful husband and father and family man. I think they actually have a shot at making it work if he moves to be close to her right away, which he says he will. I do think they are cute together and make each other very happy. But gosh, for some reason I am still so sad for Arie. And still shocked a bit. So I don’t really have much else to say about that. I think Arie is cute and nice and actually hope he doesn’t get more involved in the Bachelor Nation by being the Bachelor or on the BachelorPad or anything. I hope he finds a nice a girl the normal way.

On to BachelorPad – the hilarious drunken slutty train wreck starts tomorrow (Monday).


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