Bachelorette season 8, episode 9: Fantasy Suite Abandoned

I can’t believe how fast this season of the Bachelorette has gone. It’s overnight date week already. Surprisingly, I think it is my favorite of them all. I was about ready to give up the show forever last season. Well the first part of this episode was a little boring being mostly review of her relationship journey and feelings for each of the guys but it is always good to hear it in her own words. (Well… or the script writer’s words if that is the case…one will never know for sure.)

1st Date – Sean. The first couple episodes Sean was not on my radar as a serious contender. Mid-season he definitely rose to the top few, but of the remaining three suitors, he is my least favorite. Do I like looking at him without his shirt on? Oh baby yeah! He has a great body and we’ve got to see it more than anyone else’s. (Hey, yeah, how come we haven’t had endless shots of half-dressed men lounging around the pool all season? I feel jipped.) Anyway, I don’t know what it is…perhaps the way he always squints one eye when he talks to her? Are his eyes super sensitive to the sun or is it a subconscious tick when he’s lying? Or maybe it’s because I typically do like dark haired guys versus blondes? Or that his family is rich and I cannot relate? Or that I hate watching them kiss, it looks awkward and he doesn’t seem to know where to put his hands. I have no idea. There is just something missing. And after their talk on the beach I’d be nervous about his relationship habits of not wanting girls to get attached to him. Sounds like a player to me (which isn’t really how I pictured this sweetie before but Men are deceiving)and I don’t think it’d last. Even though Sean finally tells Emily he’s falling in love with her, I think she is still nervous about him too. The one thing I did really like was his letter to Rikki. The two go to the fantasy suite to hang out and talk more and it shows her kicking him out a couple hours later to go to their separate rooms for the night. It may not be fair that that is what a mature, respectable single-mother should do, but it is and she proves once again how classy she is. (and this is how un-classy I am, Pink’s song “…It’s just you and your hand tonight…” jams in my head as he leaves. LOL)

2nd Date – Jef. A lot of people don’t see her with Jef, but I tell you what, she lights up around him. She even admits to him that she feels more confidant around him. How you feel about yourself around someone is so important. But watching them throughout their time on the catamaran, I do notice a difference in body language between them from what we saw with her and Sean, or later with Arie. I think playful-wise and parenting-wise they are the best fit together. I’m just not sure if they have enough physical chemistry or not. Emily presents Jef the fantasy suite card and he says the exact things she was going to say about visiting for a bit but not staying the night together because he knows she wants to set a good example. And his momma would be proud too.
PS -Her dinner dress is awesome!

3rd Date – Arie. Yes Ladies apparently “kissing Arie is that good” Emily confesses. And they kiss, and they kiss, and they kiss. Is it just me or does he look like his top lip is always a little red from kissing so much. I bet he’s one of those guys that his facial hair stubble grows in pretty fast thus making out a lot can cause major lip chaffing. We’ve all had a boyfriend like that right? No? Just me then? Anyway, I really think it is going to be Arie, or at least should be, because they have the fun and comfortable connection like she has with Jef, but also the smoking hot chemistry connection like she has with Sean (but even stronger) and so he’s the whole package. During dinner Arie springs some serious questions on Emily, which is good we finally see them conversing. Arie tells Emily he thinks he should befriend Rikki first, gaining her trust and friendship, rather than just storming in and expecting to be her father. At first by the look on Emily’s face, I thought she wasn’t digging what he was saying but then she totally agrees, and so do I. Hopefully he has settled any fears she might have about him. Then the surprise twist – once again I adore Emily for her honesty – she doesn’t offer Arie the fantasy suite date card. Doesn’t even mention it to him. Her voice-over explains that she is so attracted to him that she doesn’t trust herself to go to the fantasy suite with Arie and NOT stay the night. She still wants to set a good example and be fair to the other guys. But with their chemistry, she knows she won’t want to say no. Good girl to recognize that ahead of time. I did feel a little bad for Arie, that she could have at least told him that’s what she was doing so he wouldn’t wonder what the heck was up. But then again maybe she did and we just didn’t see it due to editing. I look forward to finding out the answer to that on AFTER THE FINAL ROSE.

Video Clips – Every season it’s the same thing where the top three film private videos to Emily declaring their love and giving their final sales pitch on why she should chose them and how devastated they will be if she doesn’t. (bring on the guilt) They always make me feel uncomfortable, but this time maybe even more so due to Emily’s facial expressions as she watches them. Looking to the ceiling, crying, shaking her head. She’s so upset watching them, dreading having to break someone’s heart, I actually worry that she’s getting rid of Arie even though seconds before I was sure it would be Sean or Jef. Come back from commercial break, Jef gets the first Rose, then “We interrupt this program for an emergency fire watch news break…” WTH?… She gave Arie the rose and let Sean go. Exactly as I had hoped. Whew.

Next week is the MEN TELL ALL show where everyone is sure to pick on Kalon and possibly Chris. Previews for the finale totally make it look like she doesn’t pick either one because she is so in love with both of them she can’t choose. WTH? That better be an editing trick.

What do you think is going to happen?

PS – the train wreck that is Bachelor Pad starts July 23rd, as long as Vienna isn’t on it, I’m there!


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