The Bachelorette: Episode 8 – Home On The Range…the Racecar Track, the Suburbs & the Windy City

Ok, I know, I know, I’ve been slacking. There are a couple things at play here: 1.) It’s that time of month that I have minimal motivation and a huge dose of just-don’t-give-a-damn. 2.) A busy kid-oriented week with 4th of July holiday and swim lessons. So I apologize for the delay. I don’t think I have much to say about this week’s episode of the Bachelorette anyway. Let’s see…

Season 8, episode 8 Emily Maynard’s journey to find love continues on home-town dates to meet her top-4-fave-guys’ families, all of which turn out to be pretty good people.

1. Chris in Chicago. Eh, I’m so not into Chris that their date didn’t stick out in my mind much, and it must not have to her either. When he was talking about being Polish all I could think about were “How many Polacks does it take…” jokes. So mean, I know, I’m horrible. His family was actually pretty nice. Chris proclaims his love to Emily and she barely had any reaction. When Arie and Jef have said it, she gets a super happy smile on her face like she wants to do a happy dance but is holding it in.

2. Jef in St. George, Utah, where the landscape is gorgeous and the wives are bountiful. So apparently Jef is LDS, although I don’t recall him ever bringing that up. Isn’t that something they should have discussed earlier? Or was it just edited out? I didn’t peg him as such earlier and could have sworn we even saw him drinking beer, could be wrong. Or maybe he’s Jack-Mormon, which is my favorite kind. I apologize for any negative sounding remarks, my husband watched with me again (probably not a good idea anymore) and was a constant chatter of five-wives comments in my ear. Yes, I wanted to slap him too. Anyway, Emily was super nervous and I would have been too. Meeting any large close-knit-family is an overwhelming event whether they are LDS, Japanese, Portuguese or good ole American red-neck trailer trash – the larger the crowd the more the nerves. And she was so cute when she was like “wow, there are a lot of people here” – get used to it honey. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jef, who I’d pictured as totally city, preppy was quite country. Wow. Love his family’s Ranch. Emily had some cute quotes: “WHO KNEW, JEF AND HIS SKINNY JEANS…?” LOL
“I may or may not have pretended not to know how to hold a shotgun.”
At the end of the day Jef reads Emily a love letter that is so sweet, she looks swept off her feet. I remember when I used to get love letters like that, back when I was a teenager, before men turned off their emotions altogether. Ah, the good ole days.

3. Arie in Scottsdale, Arizona. Where it was probably a hundred degrees even in February and his parents are Dutch (speaking, no wooden shoes). Arie starts things off rough, I think, by making Emily nervous that his mom might be skeptical and may be hard to win over. Not cool, he could have lied so she wouldn’t be so worried. He should have been like, “oh they’re great, they’re going to love you, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” But I did like how Arie said, “maybe as a team we can approach it right” I so want a man that makes life a team effort. That is a good sign. Question: When Arie’s parents were speaking Dutch, how come they didn’t provide subtitles at the bottom of the screen so we at home could have known what they were saying? That sucked. I felt bad for Emily, sitting there not knowing what they were saying other than it was probably about her. That was totally rude of them. Thankfully Arie finally said something, but I thought he let it go on too long. I think Arie’s hometown/parents were actually the most difficult ones of the four hometown dates. But since I like Arie so much, it didn’t change my opinion of him, and I bet his parents are totally fun once you get to know them better. As Emily pulls away Arie talks about how he and Emily will be getting married and he can’t see it any other way. So sweet!
(The husband’s comments on this one revolved around Europeans nudity..blah, blah…tuning him out). The European thing Arie was warning Em about was visible when Arie & his Dad kissed each other goodbye – I thought it was cute.

4. Sean in Texas. The RICH part of Texas by the look of his parent’s house. Other than Kensington’s House (his niece’s giant fancy playhouse in his parents back yard, which I so want), I wasn’t crazy about this date. It was alright. Sean is hot, but there is something missing for me. When he told Emily he still lived at home with his parents and showed her his disgustingly filthy bedroom I was actually relieved thinking ok now she can definitely get rid of him with no concerns because that shit isn’t going to fly. Emily is of course as polite as can be, “You do, oh cool”, when really she’s thinking “Oh shit! Seriously!?”
When he said he wished his Mom would have picked up a little bit, I was like “oh no he didn’t.” No way I’d pick this slacker kid who doesn’t clean up after himself. But Sean then tells her it’s all a joke; he doesn’t really live at home. Is it just me or was neither of the jokes they played on Emily very funny? Maybe it was because they didn’t get a reaction from her, or because afterwards his very boring parents didn’t even burst out laughing? (I will admit Sean’s Dad was super sweet.) If I was Sean, I’d have been concerned when Emily acted like nothing was wrong and it was all ok, because it could mean she’ll never really let him know when things bother her, just always act like everything is fine even when it’s not. I’m still holding on to the suspicion that Sean does still secretly live with his parents. There’s just something I’m not fully trusting with him.

Emily seems totally in love with Sean’s family – or is it their house? – And calls him honey a couple of times. So at this point I am guessing that Chris will be the one sent home and sure enough, he is. Providing another perfect opportunity for him to show his bad temper and act like a pouty toddler throwing a fit. When she tries to explain her reasoning to him, he snaps at her, which is further proof that she made the right decision. Seeing his temper makes me wonder what kind of a dad he would be right now. You can’t control kids. I could see him getting flustered, losing his cool and snapping or yelling at Rikki. Glad he’s gone.

Final Three: Arie, Jef, Sean. Arie is the only one left from my top 3 the very first episode, but the other two have been slowly growing on me all season. My prediction is a showdown between Arie and Jef, with her picking Arie and Jef being heartbroken. I could see either of those relationships working, but think it wouldn’t last long-term with Sean. Either way it’ll be sad for someone.
Hmmm, turns out I did have a lot to say about that show.


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  1. watchitrae
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 14:07:51

    Don’t you just love watching this with your husband? Haha mine is the same way! I’m Team Arie, but Sean and Jef were in my final three from the start 🙂


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