Bachelorette Episode 4: A Booze-Cruise Does Not A Sailor Make

Monday night’s episode 4 of the Bachelorette was intermittent in my area with satellite disruption due to a massive wind and thunder storm, but I only missed a minute or two and watched it again on Hulu the next day. If you haven’t see it yet (shame on you, it’s Wednesday), you can watch full episodes here –

So lets gab. Date 1: Doug! There was a lot of guy drama in the house this episode starting with the hours leading up to Doug’s Date. Doug brought it on himself by acting worried about being sent home, being over-nervous and over-sensitive. The guys of course jumped on this like wild beasts to keep the insecurities fire burning. I think Doug got too defensive, over-reacting and looking like a bit of a jerk. He should have shrugged it off to save face. What did you think of Doug on the actual date with Emily? I’ve really liked him so far, but he did seem too nervous and a bit too reserved. I agree with Emily that he was giving her polite answers, like being on a job interview. I don’t think it was to pull one over on her necessarily, but just out of nerves.

I laughed out loud and loved her even more when Emily admitted to Doug that she often runs errands in her pajamas. Now there’s something I can relate to. I wish I could live in my pajama bottoms, I won’t go farther than the corner convenience store in my PJ’s but I sure want to. Doug didn’t seem to mind, but I’d bet Ryan would have a major issue with that. He’d want her dressed to the nines with full makeup at all times to present herself correctly as his trophy wife. But we’ll get to him more later.
Back to Doug waiting for a sign to kiss Emily… um Dougie, Emily just sitting there waiting with an expectant look on her face, that was your sign, “you gotta kiss the girl, sha la la la la, don’t be shy…”

Group Date – A little competitive regatta wins the evening with Emily, mixed with alternating clips of Ryan’s ego (which couldn’t actually fit on the sailboat without sinking it). Ryan is so superficial and conceded, I am totally turned off. He is proof that someone with outer-beauty can become unattractive once you see their inner-ugly. He is the jerk that wants his girlfriend to act how he wants her to act, look how he wants her to look, and do what he wants her to do. Puke! Other Random thoughts:
1. Is Charlie seriously crying over losing a boat race, well losing the date with Emily, but still – crying? Oh brother.
2. I think the men this season seem more sensitive about not going for the kiss too fast. They know Emily is a respectable woman, not a mattress-back ho. (I don’t think the other bachelorettes were either…they save those for BachelorPad.)
3. Jeff also misses out on an obvious opening for a kiss. I’m kind of liking this though because it is a bit more like real dating where you don’t kiss in opening introductions.
4. The guys can all tell what an ass Ryan is and I love how they told Arie to go break up Ryan & Emily’s conversation, because they know Arie is a top runner that could get away with it. Go Arie! Arie: “Can I steal you away?”
Emily: “Hey, yeah of course.” Translation “God yes, thank you, get me out of here.”
5. Ryan is trying to set himself up as the next Bachelor – what a creep! If you want to be the next bachelor to date 25 women, then that means you are not into the beautiful wonderful woman sitting in front of you, and you’d rather get famous and have the power than fall in love. Creep!

Dreaded 2-on-1 Date: John & Nate, neither of which we’ve seen much of so far. I like how Nate said Emily had the sweetest soul. Awe. But then he gets a little too emotional talking about his family (Crying again? Seriously?) I think Nate still has lots of pain inside from his last relationship, and/or nerves that left him on an emotional edge (been there). I think Emily chose right when she chose John. Nate parted like a gentleman.

Reception Drama – I think Chris was acting overly defensive and aggressive towards Doug. I totally understand him being offended by the whole ’25 is too young, you’re not ready’ flack he’d gotten previously. And I do respect standing up for yourself, however, I think the way he called Doug out was unnecessary at that point and made him look like a hot head. Doug handled it ok. Hopefully that is done with.

My favorite part of the night: Emily’s chat with Chris Harrison before the Rose Ceremony. I love that she is honest in discussing her likes and dislikes of the guys, especially when she mentioned how manipulative Ryan is and that he thinks he has her wrapped around his finger but she sees right through it. Yes! Smart girl. I shouldn’t be so mean as to say it, but I will: she is so much smarter than Ashley from last season.

Roses: Doug, Jeff, Sean, Arie, Travis (why?), Chris, Ryan (why?), Kalon, Alejandro (why?). Charlie and Michael are sent packing. Poor Charlie, I liked him. We didn’t get to know Michael at all so I wasn’t surprised he left, but was surprised when he said he’d never been in love before. I have two theories on why Emily kept Ryan even after his true colors have started to show. 1. Producers choice for good drama & ratings. or 2. She finds his ridiculousness entertaining, has no plan on marrying him, but wants to see what crazy things he’ll say next.

I am so curious for next week! Who do you think Mama-Bear is going to tell to get the *F* out?


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