The Bachelorette: Chris Gets Cuter & Sean Takes Off His Shirt

The Bachelorette: Season 8, Episode 3

What does climbing a skyscraper, a playground and Dolly Parton have in common? Nothing other than they all made appearances in last night’s episode of the Bachelorette. So now that we’ve had more time to get to ‘know’ Emily, what are you thinking? Tara, do you still think she is annoyingly too nice? I am really liking her and really liking the show. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t turn into a train wreck like last season.

Date #1: Chris – “Climbing a building is like love…” hmm a little bit of a stretch but gets E for Effort. So, last week I said I didn’t find Chris attractive, said he reminded me of a young Randy Quaid, and thought Emily was a bit crazy for telling him how good looking he was. I reserve my right to change my mind. He won me over on this date and I found myself being much more attracted to him. Sure a lot of it might have to do with how tall and fit he looked in T-shirt & Jeans, but can you blame me? Emily sure seemed smitten with him. I think he’s in her top 3. And now he’s also in mine – well top 5 at least.

Group Date – “Let’s Play” I love it when the bachelors/bachelorettes get their friends or siblings involved earlier in the show. There have only been a couple other seasons where they’ve had friends come and give them their opinion on the suitors. They should all do that. I thought the best part of Emily’s friends interviewing the guys was that her blonde friend was totally crushing on Sean. “Take your shirt off” Yeah, that’s what I would be saying too. I think she wanted him for herself. But funniest moment was shown during the end credits when they showed clips of Alessandro’s interview – that was hilarious! He had a relationship with his cousin!??!?! Well like 3rd cousin. HA HA HA. Where is he from again? Too funny. I was dying. His answers were so horrible I almost wondered if he did it on purpose to get the heck out of there. Random thoughts on the guys: Sean, who got the rose, deserved it. I’m wondering if he’s LDS? I think John is really cute, jury still out on personality. Egg Dude?!?! Seriously lame. Glad the girls convinced him to get rid of it. Ryan – whoops, shouldn’t have said that about not loving on her if she gets fat. Even if that’s how he feels, they should still always say of course I’ll love you when you’re fat. Don’t they teach them that in school? Tony goes home – yippee – didn’t like him anyway. I respected the way Emily let him go instead of keeping him there another week or two then dumping him. We all know she would haven’t picked him anyway.

Date #3 – “Love is A Wild Ride” – Hooray our boy Arie finally gets some face time. You know, looks wise, he is not my very favorite, but for some reason he’s one of my faves – make sense? Just something about him. I like how Em said she had such high hopes for him, she hoped he didn’t disappoint….but no pressure. Hee hee. She was so cute with the whole Dolly Parton thing too. Except she did pay more attention to Dolly than to Arie, but hey what do you expect when you meet your idol. Afterwards her and Arie seemed to get along great and she seemed way more into kissing him than any of the other guys. I don’t think she kissed anyone last week did she? I like them together. Another random note about this show: they never get to actually eat their damn food. Did you see that chunk of meat on her plate getting cold while they talked and then they get up and leave – I’d be like sorry but I’m starving and shove some in my purse if I had to. LOL But that’s probably why my body looks the way it looks and why Emily’s body looks how it looks.

What the hell is up with Ryan’s beard stubble with those two little pointy dips on either side of his mouth? Is this some new style I am not aware of or just an odd growth pattern? It looks hideous, like an evil Disney villain. And although I do/did like Ryan, he is acting way too cocky and confident and I hate that. Next week’s previews look like he becomes quite the jerk.
Alessandro totally signed his own walking papers with that dating a woman with a kid is a compromise talk…she was looking pissed when she walked him out. I love that she didn’t even wait until the rose ceremony was just like ‘see ya’. I seriously thought Kalon was going home after their awkward talk, but he still remains. That guys is so pompous, he drives me nuts. I was surprised when she kept him. Perhaps he was the producers’ choice? Come on ABC we know how it works.

Emily ended up keeping:
Chris – already had his rose – good
Arie – already had his rose – good
Jeff – good
Charlie – good
Doug – good
Michael – good
Travis – egg dude better step up his game, right now he’s a dork in my mind
Alejandro – kind of growing on me, but still looks like a kid & isn’t right for her.
Ryan – watch it dude, don’t get all “Dave Good competitive aggressive” on us.
John – good
Kalon – Nooo!!!!!
Nate – needs a date. Nate Needs a Date! Nate needs a Date! Come on chant it with me.

Tony, Alessandro & Stevie are bye, bye, bye.

My top faves are: Arie, Doug, Charlie, Chris … Ryan is on the edge of getting flipped off his pedestal, barely holding on…
….Jeff is one of my favorite guys, but I don’t think he is a match for her. He totally has 90’s boy band hair poof & is fun and I love his personality, he reminds me of Damon Sharpe from the Guys Next Door (Google it) but I don’t see those two together…. and still waiting to see what Michael & Nate are like – me likey the way they looky — but since they are not getting much camera time they must not make it too far though. Nate needs a Date! Nate needs a Date!
Am I the only one that thinks that Michael is yummy & mysterious? And I’m usually not a long hair girl either, but I wouldn’t mind running my fingers through his, whoops better not get off on that tangent.

What did you think?


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