The Bachelorette: Baking Cookies & Playing With Muppets

The Bachelorette: Season 8, episode 2

OK, I know, the show was Monday night and I am just getting to this on Wednesday Night. What can I say it’s been a busy week. Thankfully I took notes (I know, what a dork, my husband already called me on it).

Thoughts on episode 2:
• I am really liking this season so far. Let’s face it, last season was a constant disaster around every corner – I’m sure we’ll get there eventually with this one too, but for now its reasonably peaceful. I agree with the guys that Emily looks beautiful ‘dressed down’ in casual clothes, her ‘mom clothes’ as she calls them. Is it something with her eyebrows? Or Eyelashes? Eyeliner? Eye shadow? Something is different in her makeup that in my opinion is making her look even more sweet, younger and more beautiful in a simpler way. Not that she’s not spectacularly gorgeous in her evening wear – she is.

• So true Emily, Good looking guys are nothing but trouble…… but it’s always a fun ride to destruction and heartache right?

• First Date: Ryan – They bake cookies at Emily’s house, take them to Rikki’s soccer game, then go out to fancy dinner & dance to their own private concert. Do you think Ryan was disappointed in his easy going date – no helicopters involved? He made a comment to the camera at the beginning, so I kind of think he was at first. They did pretty good together, but didn’t seem extremely comfortable. I think Ryan is really good looking, but would love to change his hair – just make it all lay down or all spiky, not that weird mix. So let’s discuss their conversation: He wants a challenge, wants the chase. That statement could have been his doom if Emily hadn’t liked him enough, because that is huge RED FLAG to me – meaning he won’t want you anymore once he has you. (Remember Brad) Which she also picked up on, but they talked it out and I guess she was happy enough with his answers. Since he’s a professional football player, maybe he meant he doesn’t want an easy tramp that throws herself at him (golddiggin groupie), but someone he connects with on an intellectual level and challenges him to want to be a better person. Perhaps that would have been the better way to word it. Yes?

• Loved Emily’s comment about letting the man be in charge.…I would pretend like he’s in charge, but we would both know who’d really be in charge… so true to life, as it should be.
• I really like the song they danced too – going to have to find that on YouTube.

• Group Date: Variety show with the Muppets – Charlie, the guy who had the head injury, has anxiety over performing standup comedy. He is still insecure about speaking in front of groups. I’m so glad that Emily let Charlie off the hook and let him do something else. She said, “the whole point is having fun and if he’s not having fun then we need to do something different.” YES! So often the bachelor/bachelorette just shrugs when someone is having an awkward time, like sorry too bad, whatever, I don’t care, not my fault if you’re not cool enough. The fact that she said what she said shows what a caring person she is and that she understands real people, not just perfect ‘performers’. I get irritated with the Bachelor Franchise for always putting people in such uncomfortable situations on purpose. What you’re deathly afraid of heights? let’s have you scale the Golden Gate Bridge. What you’re shy? Let’s see if you can be an actress. What you hate snakes? Hmm, where’s that snake pit at… I understand they want to see how far people are willing to go – but gee whiz, it’s not Fear Factor. If potential dates got to see how I would react in a stressful situation, I’d still be single. So she agreed to let Charlie switch and be one of the group of singers instead. I think the talk-show interview was a surprise for Charlie, don’t you? I was feeling so bad for him, but he pulled it off and did good. I’m still liking him in my top 5.

• Emily’s interactions with the Muppets were so cute.

• Chris pulls Emily aside on the group date and she tells him he is super attractive but she likes that he’s not one of those “look at me” type guys. I’d like that too, except I do not think Chris is that attractive. Kind of reminds me of a young Randy Quaid. However, I think he is probably a good guy.

• Jeff, who was outgoing the first night, is being distant tonight. Emily calls him on it. What is up with him? Insecurities? Supposedly they had a good talk, but he still seemed closed off to me.

• Date 3 – Joe. They go to the Greenbrier in West Virginia, a resort only rich people hang out at. I thought she was really attracted to Joe at first, however, I think his answers were so vague that it scared her off. He should have dug deeper and expanded on his answers more. Signs Joe isn’t staying: 1. In her interview, Emily said there’s a spark missing. 2. Emily’s note for the love clock doesn’t mention anything about him at all. She felt bad for not giving him the rose, but his reaction when he departed left me thinking she’d made the correct decision. He said, “It was a great opportunity, thank you so much.” –RED FLAG – ‘opportunity’ makes me think of business, not pleasure, not love. Either he wasn’t bothered by being let go because he wasn’t that into it either, or he was really pissed and turned cold.

• Reception: 1. Emily and Arie sitting on a bench talking – what… did she just scoot away from Arie? She needs a date with him next, quick before she loses interest. 2. Ryan, a 7-page letter about his feelings? Really? Have you not seen Friends? Sheesh, poor Tony, Awkward! I would have turned and left, but I guess it worked out for him (after the embarrassment) because he finally got his face time with Emily and got to tell her about his son. If it was me, I would have talked enthusiastically about my kid, but not laid on the “I’m making a huge sacrifice to be here” crap so thick. She already knows that, so when you bring it up it seems to me like guilting someone out of a rose. I think a single dad would be a good match for Em, however, this Tony guy just does not do anything positive for me. And I can’t figure out who he reminds me of.

Tonight’s Conclusion- My opinions on the guys:

*Like/Top: (in no particular order) Arie, Doug, Charlie, Michael, Nate, & Alessandro (based solely off looks, can we please get some voice time with this guy?)

*OK: John, Chris, Shawn, Travis

*Not for her: Kalon, Tony, Stevie
If I left anyone out guess it means they didn’t capture my attention at all, I wasn’t taking a head count. LOL

Your turn, what did you think?


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