Bring on the Men! Emily’s Entrance: Bachelorette Episode 1

Can’t believe it’s here already – another installment of the Bachelorette. It’s Season 8 – with everyone’s favorite sweet southern gal, Emily Maynard. She’s a beautiful, sweet, polite, single mom looking for another shot at love. I’m not going to give a recap of the show, there are enough those already. This is just me hashing out my opinion with those of you that have already seen it – because well, I love to gab about this stuff.

Emily is 26 years old? She is totally beautiful, so no offense, but I totally pictured her older than 26. More like 29-30. I’m not saying she looks older, she doesn’t at all, it’s just that she is more mature & carries herself differently than most 26 years you’d see on these shows. Most of the girls on these shows are party girls and she obviously is much more responsible than that. And accomplished. And wealthier than most 26 year olds (by the looks of her home in Brad’s season). Before the show started I checked out the contestant photos on and honestly felt bad for Emily. Not to be mean to the guys, but it seemed her pool of men was not attractive enough for her. Let’s face it she’s a total 10, she deserves a 10, both in looks & all around good person qualities. Luckily there were a couple more good choices last night than I expected, but still, not near the caliber of maturity that she deserves, or the hotness factor of previous seasons. I think ABC is running out of beautiful people willing to humiliate themselves.

I like that they are doing the show in Charlotte instead of LA. It must be so Emily can stay with her daughter & her daughter can stay in school, not disrupting her routine, etc. That’s how it is when you have kids and I really respect her for making that part of the condition of doing the show. Hopefully/Maybe the dates could be more down to earth instead of all Celebrity style…but this is the Bachelor franchise so I doubt it.

Here’s my rundown:
1. Ryan – (football player) hubba hubba – and his intro was cute. Thumbs up.
2. David – (singer/song writer) – my guess is he’s there to get on TV to get famous. How many times can you sing “Emily” over & over again in one song?? I’d say his writing needs some work. Thumbs down.
3. Doug – (has 12 yr old son) – I really like. He seems more mature like her and the one kid thing is perfect. I can see them being a couple, whereas I cannot see her with most of these other guys. I hope he does not disappoint (as perhaps indicated in some spoiler stuff online) as I do like him. Two Thumbs up.
4. Arie – (race car driver) – Cute, nice, considerate, and HELLO perfect for her. They both love the same sport, they’d have lots to talk about. It almost seems to me that they should just send everyone else home and let these two be together. Two Thumbs up.

So here’s the thing – I’m so sick & tired & nauseated from all the weird ways people try to make a memorable impression on these shows – cheesy, over the top, ridiculous, and dorky. Men would not approach a woman in a bar or work or a store or church that way . Why Lord why must they make such fools of themselves? The egg? Seriously? And some of the other crap: on-the-knees-poem guy = Cheesy! Helicopters, horses, skateboards, gifts & vampire teeth & such – each season has been getting worse & worse. Enough rant, on with the men…

5. Alessandro (Brazil) – His looks get the thumbs up. He is cute, but he might be one of those we wish wouldn’t talk so much. We’ll have to see. If he has too high a Fabio factor he’ll be off the list.
6. The dude dancing w/ghetto blaster? Kind of cute, kind of not. Ugh
7. Alejandro (earrings) – I liked how they spoke Spanish to each other, but he looks too young, too 1980’s “Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo” for my taste.
8. Prince Charming dude makes me want to hurl on my shoes.
9. Charlie – (the head injury guy) – I really liked him from both his video clip & his intro to Emily. Two Thumbs Up.
10. Nate = HOT! – Thumbs Up.
11. Michael (Music Mike from Austin)- Now his intro was ok. He did something small to try to let her remember him but it wasn’t corny or over the top. He wasn’t hyper about it, just calm & nice & easy going. So far he has my vote for a sweet shy guy.
12. Kalen – (helicopter man) entered like he was trying to piss all the other guys off on purpose. I think he is there to impress them & America more than he is to get to know Emily. I can agree that the guys are all accurate in their douche bag analysis.
13. Guy with 6 kids had no chance in hell. Sorry.

So, from episode 1, my favorites are Arie, Charlie, Doug (possibly Nate but I didn’t get enough feel for his personality to know for sure). Let’s see what crazy shit happens next week to confirm these first impressions or blow them apart. Most of the seasons the final choice is someone I had in my top 3 or 4 from day one, but I was way off last season with Courtney ‘winning’ so who knows what can happen.


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