Vamp Chatter Part Deux

 …More morning after emails from the Vamp Tramps, dishing on our favorite subject – The Vampire Diaries.

Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 9:13 PM – Season 3, Episode 5  “The Reckoning”
Subject: VD B*tches!!!

Ok, so after tonight’s ep, I couldn’t go without a Friday morning discussion!  Now, keep in mind, I am in ‘vacation’ mode and have had at least 2 glasses of wine tonight.  So with that said… A few points:

 DAMN!  That was another good a** episode!!!!!!!  This show never ceases to amaze me with its ability to keep it fresh and exciting.  I found myself talking to my TV several times throughout.  Now you may be saying… Gee Tara, maybe it’s those 2 or so glasses of wine… But no, It was just that good!

 Damon rejecting Katherine = GOOD!  Him rushing to Elena in the hospital (a little late I might add) = GOOD!  The look on his face when he promised never to leave her again = GOOD!  (and a little bad… My heart broke a little for him.)  I mean, will she really ever love him as much as Stefan?  Is our boy totally setting himself up for failure because he is obviously so in love with her??  I hope not cuz man, that guy could melt my frozen heart in 3 seconds flat!!!  Ok, and as a side note: Was it me, or did he look really short when he was walking throughout the hall of the hospital looking for Elena’s bed?  I kept getting flashes of the 80’s video ‘Take On Me’… anyone?  anyone? 

  Stefan – What the hell… Just when I think that he has gotten to his worst… He loses his humanity!  It is such a great direction for his character!  He was always so good, so one dimensional.  Now we have this evil Stefan with no humanity to boot!  When he walked in on Damon and Elena, and was all ‘carry on’… I was floored!  That creates a whole new dynamic for him… and you know what!  I like it!

  Tyler – He is the hybrid?? WTF…  When Klaus broke his neck, I gasped out loud!  NOOOOOO!  But then when he woke up and was all on cloud nine … I feel like it’s foreshadowing…Something bad is coming…  

 Jeremy and Katherine = GOOD!  They make a pretty good pair!  I am excited to see them work together.  So what do we think about Katherine?  Think she will stay in the show semi-permanently?  I thought she would be killed right away but she is still here.  I wouldn’t mind her staying… I think bad Stefan should totally hook up with her now.  Leave my boyfriend and Elena to get to the business… the dirty business if you didn’t get where I was going with that. 

 Klaus – That dillhole is a total douche!

  Matt – Ok so was I the only one that got a really bad feeling from him being able to see Vicki?  I got the feeling that that wasn’t going anywhere good.  What did you guys think?

 Ok, so I am going to bed… But I had to purge just these few things so I could sleep without them circling in my brain all friggin night.  I’m sure I missed stuff, but respond!   I am going to try and check my email later tomorrow afternoon.  It’s sad, but I kind of miss being there to send this.  You guys should feel very loved right about now.  : )  Hope you both have a wonderful Friday…   Peace out my VD hoes… 


Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 10:23 AM  – Season 3, Episode 5 “The Reckoning”
Subject: RE: VD B*tches!!!

First of all – we do feel the love, thank you. I’m so happy you still lived up to your morning-after review duties. I don’t know what I would do Friday mornings without them. Speaking of morning after – how is that wine headache treating you? And when you say 2 or so…we know that really means 4-5 but you’ve just lost count. J

 Now to the subject at hand – Vampire Diaries. The first maybe 5-10 minutes or so of the show I was irritated. I was not digging where this was going at all. Klaus wasn’t supposed to find Elena that damn fast. Couldn’t they have dragged that out for the majority of the show to build up that tension a little? Nope, right away he’s got her. And I’d like to go on record right now that I would love to punch that Rebecca bitch right in the mouth. Kill my Tyler? I don’t think so bitch! You’re going down. Grab her by the hair bang her head into the lockers, let her fall on her ass to the floor, then BAM elbow fall to the sternum. Too bad she’s an original and was stronger than Caroline (oh yeah and me). I would have liked to see Caroline give her a whooping. Maybe Tyler will end up being the biggest bad ass of them all (once Klaus is dead) now that he is hybrid. Now that, I could live with. However, if that storyline turns south with him dying I will be PISSED.

 So Matt drowning himself in the pool to see his dead sister’s ghost… Half stupid (what if Bonnie can’t bring him back with CPR? Then again with depressed Matt, he probably wouldn’t mind just ending it all anyway)…and half great storyline because now at least he’s got something that makes him feel more a part of the Mystery Inc team. You know that’s why he’s been moping, feeling left out that he is the only normal human in the bunch. I actually wasn’t getting a bad vibe from Vickie at all. Oh, and as much as I hate Klaus, he was pretty damn smart to do the opposite of what the witch said and try Elena’s blood as a cure. Plus that makes that original witch pretty damn smart to make the curse that way because if Elena would have been dead he’d been shit out of luck. Love it!

 Wasn’t sure where all that Katherine/Damon/Jeremy/Anna ghost talk was going to go but it ended up alright I guess. As a rule, I never trust Katherine though. It will be interesting to see this Michael character (once he re-animates). But how do they intend to not get killed by the Vampire Hunter, hello, they’re vampires! What does Katherine think she can just bat her lashes and wow him with her sexual prowess. Maybe, seems to work for lots of poor dumb schmucks. And WHY OH WHY has no one awakened Elijah and the rest of the family yet. That is the showdown I want to see.

 So Stefan killing those teenagers in front of Elena then has to drink from her – that sucked!!! Klaus is pure evil. He’s like a school yard bully making the other kids pick on each other for sport. Guess he was the one who saved Elena from Stefan’s blood frenzy as soon as he figured out the recipe.

 Damon – yes, he’s short- online bio says 5’9 ½”- you know he’s short when has to include the half. But, good thing about it is that puts his gorgeous entrancing eyes right at eye level so you won’t get a kink in your neck staring up into them.  He was so freaking hot when he rescued Elena from the hospital (did you think he was thinking about taking a drink of her blood when he pulled that tube out, or is that just me?) and then when he promised to never leave her again. *sigh* *goosh* *love*

 You are totally right about when Stefan interrupted and then told them to continue on…WTF? That’s your girl dude! You’re not supposed to want your brother to have her. You’re supposed to be jealous, A-hole. But without humanity I guess he doesn’t care. At least Klaus made him stay to protect Elena (his new personal drug store) instead of killing her. So now I think the brothers will be fighting for first place of who is protecting her more, or like Damon will be protecting her from Stefan’s way of protecting. Since Stefan doesn’t really care, is only doing a job. That will be a good storyline.

 So, totally wanting to watch this episode over again this weekend, and looking forward to next week’s episode.

 Happy Birthday T.  Enjoy your day off. – KB

 Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 8:05 AM – Season 3, Episode 6 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Subject: V to the D!

So I am going to refer to this one as a good ole Holy Sh*t episode!  I counted at least 4 Holy Sh*ts throughout!  Buckle up B*tches…this is a long one!

 Holy Sh*t #1:  Mason???  What the hell? I Did NOT see that coming.  Did anyone else totally think that it was Vamp hunter Michael coming after my boyfriend?  I was a little worried… Although, then I was really worried when it was Mason, since we all know how he ‘bit’ it last season!  And he knocked our boy out?  Please don’t tell me that he is another hybrid.  Cuz I gotta be honest…I am not loving what they are doing to Tyler.  He is turning into a douche again and that is so not cool with me!  Although, I do have to give him some credit, that boy can wear a blanket really well! 

 Holy Sh*t #2:  Is Katherine dead???  He feeds on vampires? Did NOT see that coming.  Holy Cat and Bones!!!  Personally, I LOVE this twist.  I hope Kat isn’t dead though, because she is good at doing the dangerous stuff.  And it keeps our pretty boys away from it.

 Holy Sh*t #3:  Damon.  Damon.  Damon.  I mean… seriously?  How can they keep making him hotter??????  When he was showing Elena where a vamps heart was… How in the hello, did she not turn around and just kiss him, just a little peck even… He was so close to her face and he said he would never let anyone hurt her… SWOON!    And then when he was bandaging her up… Total panty swoon!  I could stand for his hair to be a little shorter though, just sayin… Oh, and he is still the funniest thing on that show.  I totally laughed out loud when he called Elena Buffy when she was lifting weights… LOL

  Holy Sh*t #4:  This one was the least of the holy’s, however, the Matt and Vicki stuff.  You know, I feel so bad for him.  It would be so hard to be alone like that. And which one of us wouldn’t jump at the chance to bring back someone we lost?  Such a tempting offer.  I was kind of surprised that she came back to kill Elena though.  I thought for sure that she would end up being good since Anna was trying so hard to convince Jeremy she was bad.  I kind of thought they would make Anna bad.  And when she hit Matt with the wrench, I gasped.  Little harsh Vick!  And I’m sorry, but she clocked him in the head… with a huge A** wrench!  That would have caused some bleeding, or massive swelling… hell death even. (Just nit-picking a detail.) I am thankful that he is not dead though.  But for the love, will they please give him something productive to do!  He could be Bonnie’s apprentice!!!  Or, now that Jeremy is ghost holding hands with Anna… maybe they are setting us up for a Matt/Bonnie pairing.  They have been together more this season that any before… yeah?

 Side Notes:

*Ok, and just as a side note… Stefan has gotten way hot again too!  I mean he’s a douche and a half .. but when he caught her after she fell, ok that was friggin hot!  Those 2 actors definitely have some chemistry!  And at the end when he said that he would always protect her, I thought for just a second that she was getting through to him.  Then he told her she was pathetic (AMEN), and she stabbed him. Which was badass.  I have to say, when she was training with Rick, I just kept thinking… ‘Bonehead, your town is overrun with werewolves, vamps that refer to you as a human blood bag, witches, now ghosts and lord knows what else… finally thinking that it’s time for some self defense training you puny human?… Ya think?’  

 **  Alaric is getting way better at the whole ‘guardian’ thing. His telling Elena that she was strong for just getting out of bed… so parental and awesome!  But his hair has got… to… go!  It is so floppy! Like a lasso apso!  NO LONG HAIR BOYS!  They need to take a memo from Stefan, with his short and sculpted beautiful hair!

Here is a fairly good re-cap.  It’s no wine induced Slezak… But it’ll do.  ; )


 Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 9:20 AM – Season 3, Episode 6  “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Subject: RE: V to the D!

 I think that when Matt opened up the ‘door’ for Vickie I think it let all ghosts though so to speak. So now Jeremy can feel Anna, now Mason can beat up Damon, etc.  That is what I’m thinking. And so…dah, dah, dah… now Jenna can enter as well. RIGHT?!?!?! I’m still waiting.

I had read a teaser thing that said Mason might be reappearing but didn’t give details. You know how much I drooled over him the first time so this makes me happy as long as he doesn’t hurt my Damon. I think my new fantasy is me in a ‘sister wives’ situation where Damon, Tyler, Mason & Alaric are all my love slaves. And when one has a night off because it’s someone else’s turn, then that’s his night to do the cooking & the dishes and clean out the garage. And I wouldn’t work because of course I can barely walk from all that vag action. OMG totally my new fantasy!!! And yes I’m totally a perv.

 Anyway, back to the show. I kind of like the idea of Bonnie & Matt being either partners teaming up, or even dating, but only if it doesn’t hurt Jeremy because I don’t like Anna, but I do like Jeremy. Not sure what Anna’s deal is going to be now if the Vickie ordeal is over. Tara, your 4 points of Holy Sh*t are right on.  Love the Cat & Bones reference my sista, that’s total extra credit!

 I think Katherine will still be alive most likely. I did think it was Michael at first that paid Damon the visit, until –dah-dah-dah – my man Mason walks up. Hi baby, momma missed you! Now take off your shirt.

 {Dear Vampire Diaries, please take all leading men to the barber for a high and tight. Thank you. }

 When Vickie said she had to kill Elena I was like “OH SHIT! OH NO SHE DIDN’T!” but I was surprised that situation got wrapped up & fixed as fast as it did all in one episode. Tsk, tsk, tsk…that Vickie just never freaking thinks things out, the stupid ho.  How many times do we have to kill her?

 Oh and I totally thought a couple times that Elena had gotten through to Stefan too, like when he caught her – but still a douche apparently. If they can kill Klaus then Stefan’s trance & Tyler’s siring will both be eliminated and all will be right with the world. I thought he was a total DICK for showing up at high school to follow her around. Man that’s cruel. I was proud of Elena finally for faking drunk & using her wiles & such to trick Stefan. It’s about time she starts being proactive and more Buffyish.

And Rebecca trying to steal Caroline’s place – dude, someone needs to stop that Blonde B*tch. I don’t want Tyler to cheat, or turn to the dark side. Resist the force Tyler! Resist the Force!

 Well, another excellent episode. Another reason to love VD!

– KB


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