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Have you ever had a friend that had such a great talent you wanted her to share it with the world but she wasn’t? You encourage your friend to take it to the next level, but she just doesn’t? Well, that is my friend Tara, (actual name, not changed to protect the innocent, because she’s not) who coincidentally is my ‘righty’ (it’s like we share a brain –wait, that doesn’t sound smart- I mean…we’re soul sisters who share the same love of TV, movies, pop culture, books, etc. She knows all the movie lines and I know what movie they’re from. Need I say more?) So anyway, Tara has a crack-me-up, totally witty, sarcastic, and oh so right sense of humor and way with words. Her emails are full of shiz so comically genius, she should be on Twitter, or a blog, or a columnist for some online magazine. Then that would lead to recognition and more jobs and eventually BAM, she’s the next Chelsea Lately. But does she listen to me? No! (She may have all the humor, but apparently I got the brains.)

 So, I’m posting some Tara Talk as a guest author to share some of her Friday morning emails – oh did I mention we love The Vampire Diaries, conversing at work every Friday morning about the show? No? Well, now you know. If you’re not a follower of the show The Vampire Diaries, you may not get everything, as these aren’t necessarily story recaps, just random thoughts (& SPOILERS) but I believe you’ll get the humor and see what I’m talking about. I only wish I still had out chats from last season – they were superb.


 (Warning English Teachers:  we are aware the following is not written in proper grammar, punctuation and some cases even spelling, but they are emails afterall – just for fun between friends.)

 Sent:Friday, September 16, 2011 day after Season 3, Episode 1

Subject:  VD B*tches!


 Well… All is right with the world again.  Our beloved show has finally returned.  And, it did not disappoint.  Just a few things from last night:

 First of all, my boyfriend… Still completely gorge…Naked Damon = GOOD!  Bubbles = GOOD!  Slightly 70’s looking hair = Eh… Not a fan.  However, thank goodness he has those effing eyes! The way he looks at Elena kills me.  And what is with this show killing off every chick that he actually likes??  I mean give the guy a break for God’s sake.  He looked totally wrecked when Andy died. I love his character development over the last couple of seasons… so it is kind of getting to the point where I just would really like to see him happy and in love.  With a chick that ain’t gonna kick it.

Speaking of Andy… WTF!  Let’s move onto Stefan.  This is a bit of a stretch for me.  I can’t believe that he flipped the switch so completely!!   I mean, he has such a moral compass, and now he is slaughtering chicks and ripping them apart?  He is friggin scary man.  And the way he just made Andy jump right in front of Damon, how will he ever come back from that?  I was totally hating on him the entire episode… and then when he called Elena and started to show a bit of emotion that he still had trapped inside his shriveled black heart… it kind of pissed me off.  Where was that emotion when he was turning his brothers ‘fake’ girlfriend into a pancake?????

 My third fave of the night:  Tyler and Caroline!  Yay… that was hot.. We finally got some VD lovin, and I wasn’t really disappointed.  Although, she could have gotten off of him for a second so we could have ogled his chest… sheesh!  And Mrs. Lockwood shooting her… what is up with that?  Did she suspect her being a vamp last season and I missed it?

Oh, and did anyone else notice how much thicker and darker Jeremy’s brows are?  Not complaining, just saying.  He has really grown to be quite the looker too.  He rocks that Grill t-shirt.

 Matt…blah… kind of over him right now.  He is kind of turning into a titty baby whiner!  Ugh… I liked him better when he didn’t know anything.

 And Alaric…still not liking is hairdo choice. Needs to be up, off his face…preferably spiked.  It should only lay across his forehead like that after a heated moment of passion when my hands couldn’t stay out of it, the sweat making it lay across his forehead in euphoric bliss… Sorry… man, that always happens with this show…stream of conscience typing… my bad. 

So — what did you guys think??

 Oh, our favorite re-capper, Mr. Slezak apparently does TVD!!!!  Be still my chuckling heart.  So I will now only read his:

 Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 – day after Season 3, Episode 1
Subject: RE: VD B*tches!


 I agree Damon’s hair needs cut in the back, it’s getting too close to a mullet.

I’m with you with the Stefan situation – how could he go around tearing up beautiful young women now after being Elena’s protectors for so long? Doesn’t make any sense.  Remember the very first few episodes when Damon came to town & was bat shit crazy and was going to kill Elena. Now Stefan kills his girl? I didn’t like that. I thought they should have left it as he threatened to kill Andy if Damon didn’t leave him alone, not actually kill her. Shame on you Stefan!

 JEREMY!! Holy cow he filled out & matured some & is so freaking hot! His hair cut makes him look more like Matt & Tyler I think, whereas before he had his own kind of style – but me likey!

 Yes, hooray Caroline & Tyler – thank you for getting it on!!!!!

I don’t think there was anything between Mrs. Lockwood & Caroline last season. Just at the beginning of this episode she said something about the looks his mom was giving her. So refresh my memory…Sheriff knows everything still right? They didn’t re-compel her to forget? They need to re-compel Matt in a major way. What if Sheriff told the council, or Mrs. Lockwood or something????

 I cried when Alaric moved out. They need him. I thought he looked yummy. His hair poof wasn’t as big as last season. Like the poof is slowly dwindling.

 You’re totally right about Matt = titty baby whiner!  – LMAO.  Thanks chicka!

 Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011


 VD tonight beeotches!!

{*Side note: yes my friends and I call The Vampire Diaries – VD instead of TVD just because it makes us giggle.}

 Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 – day after Season 3, Episode 2
Subject: Thank the Lord.. for the creation of VD!


 LOVE THIS FRIGGIN SHOW!  Even when it’s a small twist, they do it so well that it seems so huge!

First of all, I must start with the end.  When Damon told Elena that he wanted her to remember everything she felt right now when he brings Stefan back… HOLY MOTHER OF (and I hate this word but no other will fit) MOIST PANTIES!  And the way he cradles her face… He has those hypnotizing eyes, and he always stares directly into her eyes like he can see into her damn soul… I can’t believe that she can resist the urge to just… lean into him as he is talking to her.  The first time that they end up shagging, or really having a heated moment… I may have to take the next day off of work.  I kid I kid.

And Matt redeemed himself a bit last night.  He was brought into this supernatural world, and now knows about all this crazy stuff that happens, so he just needs to accept it.  The more he pushes back, he just seems like a baby, like he can’t handle it and I hate that.  So the fact that he is accepting the crazy and teaming up with Jeremy, well… I will sum it up in the words of Sue Sylvester:  “I must say, I’m enjoying this new stink of man marbles wafting off of you… Matt.”  And the end where Anna says not to trust Vicki… Uh, what the hell?!  What do we think that means?

Random bits:

Tyler changing into a werewolf in front of his mom – hard core.  The lady that plays his mom did a great job of portraying her shock and horror, and acceptance.  I thought that was a great part!  Although, it totally creeped my shiz out that he was laying there naked and she was just gazing at him…Awkward!

 Alaric is coming back! Thank goodness and it’s about damn time!  I thought that Elena’s conversation with him in the car was the perfect way to get through to him.  And he is quite the hairy-chested piece of man meat yeah?  I gotta say, I am not a huge fan of the bear fur chesticular area…However, combine with a hot face and BOOM!  I’ll go hunting for berries in that briar patch. Ok, not sure where that came from, I think my coffee just kicked in.  But oh well, you get my point.

 The ‘helper’ guy that Tyler’s mom called is Caroline’s dad!!! I didn’t see that one coming. Just another example of something so small is so awesomely huge on this show. And in the middle of the season!!!!

And when Damon threw Elena in the lake.. FRI-CKI-NG AWESOME!  And when he walked up to her and they were both in the water… I got a flash of Dirty Dancing and was hoping that he would lift her into a swan pose over his head… and then fix her bra strap in a shy yet seductive way.  *Sigh*

 And Klaus sucks.. I will not miss him at all when Stefan rips out his heart, which is what I’m predicting.  And when all the hybrids died, and all because the doppelganger isn’t dead… awesome detail!

Ok, fingers cramping…what did you guys think????

 Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 – day after Season 3, Episode 2
Subject: RE: Thank the Lord.. for the creation of VD!


 First matter of business, Tara, ‘hairy-chested piece of man meat”?  You say the funniest shiz. And I, too am super happy Alaric moved back in & kept the ring.

 So the ending blew me away the most – “Hi Daddy” HOLY HELL! WHAT? That is going to be awesome and is so the very reason I love this show. Never saw that coming. Twist after twist! I LOVE IT!!!!  I think you are right V and Tyler will save her. I am hoping. I was NOT a fan of having Matt and Sheriff know the truth about all this stuff, but I do actually like how Tyler showed his mom what he was and told her it was in their family blood and was able to change her mind. (I still think his dad had it too so I wonder if that is ever going to come up? Cuz remember when they let off that siren sound thing that made all the vampires fall down and Tyler’s Dad the Mayor fell down with them and died in the burning building. Its cuz he was wolf too so I wonder how long before that comes out to Tyler’s Mom? Or did she know? But from last night’s reactions, I don’t think she knew.)

 The Vicky/Anna thing will be interesting. Although I don’t really give a crap about bringing either one of them back from the dead, I just want Aunt Jenna back. And I mean now people! : )

 Now, I would never think Damon is anything but scrumptious, hot, sex incarnate….but sometimes…he bugs his eyes out too big. Like when he is talking to Elena who is always being stubborn and he just makes his eyes too big for too long. But that only deducts 0.08% from his hot factor so no biggie.

I had a feeling that the hybrid thing wasn’t going to work but I didn’t know exactly what would happen. I’m glad he killed them all though instead of some of them being left to wander. I thought it was almost sweet (in a sick and twisted way) when Klaus told Stefan he was his only comrade. BUT, and I know it will be coming later, but I seriously thought when Klaus was staring at Stefan talking about the curse and why wasn’t it working that he had figured out by Stefan’s look that the doppelganger really wasn’t dead. Totally thought he was going to call him out on that right then. Glad he didn’t but it had me scared. Sure that will be coming up in next couple episodes though.

So you know who else I want to re-enter the scene? Elijah. He needs to get brought back and help the team kill Klaus. Maybe that will be Damon & Elena’s next move?!?

Although -holy cow- when they found that werewolf camp and Klaus introduced himself, and said, “Ah, so you’ve heard of me. Fantastic!” He looked & sounded so hot, maniacal, evil, sexy, powerful, tempting, all in that moment. I liked him for about 2 seconds then.

 Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011- day after Season 3, Episode 3
Subject: VD


 Twisty McTwisterson! 

 This show is so fresh, always moving and never boring!

 So the gal being Klaus’s sister, him and Stefan being friends, Stefan in love with the blondie – I LOVE!!!!  I thought that was a GREAT twist!   And honestly, I liked seeing Stefan with someone else. I always thought that Stefan and Elena got really boring really fast because they were both too good.  Elena needs Damon to be the bad yang to her squeaky yin.  And same with Stefan – enter Rebecca.  Love where this is going. Scenes from next week show Stefan bonin down…hope it’s with the Marilyn!

Damon’s hair is totally growing on me by the way… Sure it’s a little long in the back.  However, it is so perfect around his face and on top…Mm Mm Mm!  And when Elena rolled over and he was in her bed… Oh, to be those sheets!!! 

 I was a little disappointed in the whole Caroline/torture part though.  I was so excited for Tyler to ride in on a white horse with no shirt on… But it felt a little anticlimactic to me.  But him holding her when she cried made up for it.

 One other thing I was thinking… Since we now know that all the originals are being stored in Chicago,  I hope the whole season isn’t set there.  I hate it when shows have certain characters change locations and have a totally separate storyline. Part of the awesomeness that is VD is the character interaction.  They all bounce off of each other really well… And how are they going to start up Mystery, Inc. if half of them are that far away?  Sheesh

And I totally missed Rick, Jeremy, and Matt in the episode.

 Oh, and the whole deal with necklace… BRILLS!! (new word for brilliant) 

 And what is up with Katherine? I don’t get her.  Why was she watching in the 20’s?  And why is she in Chicago but letting Damon think that she is somewhere else?

 Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 – day after Season 3, Episode 3
Subject: RE: VD


 I am so glad you are the comic genius here because I don’t have a creative thought in my head today.

 I did love the episode though. At first I thought the Marilyn (her name is Rebecker by the way- ha ha I love when people put the ‘er on the end of people’s names, I giggle every time he says it)…oh where was I…oh yeah, at first I thought she was Lexi until of course it said who she was.

 The only thing that is bad about Stefan once loving this gal so much, is that the 1st two seasons of the show made it seem like he had undying love for Katherine, then undying love for Elena and those were like the only two he ever wanted. I think now this takes away from that deep endless love idea. But hey whatever, we all know men couldn’t go 150 years without lots of booty calls.

I agree Tyler’s rescue could have been a little more dramatic & exciting, but all that matters is that he did rescue her. And it seems like he does truly care about her and she’s not just a fling to him. I love that! He’s so hot!

 Well now that they are in Chicago with all the original family they can free Elijah and get that team back together. Klaus is kind of growing on me though. He seemed like the nicer of the two in the 20’s version Stefan/Nick buddy-some.

But I’ll have to remember what a dick he is now so I don’t like him. This story line could get real interesting.

 Still…I thought Damon was so much more of a believable bad guy than Stefan. Bad Damon was a mean, killer, shithead but he was still hot and you wanted to tame his beast. Bad Stefan is…well he’s just an asshat that you could easily walk away from. Know what I mean?

 So, the necklace – is that the one Stefan gave to Elena right?? So now he’ll either have to get it back from her himself or protect her from them going to get it.

Oh yeah, the Katherine thing – I think she’s tracking them to help save Stefan, but she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s helping. Maybe she was watching back in the 20’s because she was ‘keeping an eye on her investment’ so to speak, since she had created him.  Who knows?

Here’s a question – If Klaus is such a super stud vamp-were hybrid how could he not have smelled Elena or heard her heart beating when she was hiding in the closet? What kind of a predator is he anyway? The vamps/weres of twilight would have smelled/heard her heart beat. It disappoints me a little when they forget to incorporate their superpowers into every scene. Just saying. But VD never really disappoints. Love it!

 Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 – day after Season 3, Episode 3
Subject: RE: VD


I totally agree about the not being able to smell her deal… I was a little surprised at that too.  Plus the fact that she hears them coming. A were-freak and a vamp that has tasted her juices before… and she hides in a closet??  Really?  Did you think that was the best idea Elena?  I would have thought dangle out the window or under the bed for God’s sake!  She is an idiot… I think Damon makes her smarter and more interesting. If that’s possible! 

And I see what you’re saying about how they are kind of making Klaus looks somewhat likeable, at least at one time.  I love how they give their characters all these different sides.  Nobody is just bad or good. They have some seriously wicked shades of grey, which make a great show.  However, if ever you find yourself leaning toward Klaus, you just have to remember that HE ….. ATE…. AUNT JENNA!  THAT ASSHAT!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katy Bjorum (@katygirldreamin)
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 23:03:41

    Oh Amber you will love it!!


  2. amberkelpedean
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 23:58:54

    You girls are funny! I just added this series to my Netflix instant watch. I have to see it now!


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