Love of books or OCD? You decide.

Let me start out by saying, I may be a little obsessed, but I LOVE book series. I hadn’t read in years, thanks to the monotony of college text books followed by the baby years. My coworkers practically brow beat me into reading the Twilight Series. I thought “yeah right, like I have time for that”. But I eventually succumbed to peer pressure and BAM! The door on a whole new hobby opened up for me. After staying up well into the night (1 am) to read, getting up at 6am to go to work, can’t wait to put the kids to bed so I can read some more…I got through the 4 GIGANTIC books in about three weeks time (hey, that’s really good for working moms with pesky little kids). So anyhow, when the series was over I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wanted more. I read them all again. I still wanted more. I read just my favorite parts again. Now what? D’uh, you find some new books to read. Enter one good friend with a House of Night book and we’ve got ourselves a book club.

We are the Vamp Tramps! (Partly due to our love of vampire books, partly due to our lust for Damon on Vampire Diaries) We’re six female coworkers ages 30 to 43, half married, half single, with obviously nothing too exciting going on in our lives, sharing novels and the excitement of waiting for the next one.  We don’t hold official club meetings but we do whisper at each other’s cubicles about our frustrations with the stubborn Mac & Barrons relationship. We discuss the insanely steamy sex between Cat & Bones over purple vikings at the corner sports bar. And we rant via email over the evil audacity of that wicked bitch Neferet. We love the paranormal romance with a strong kick-ass female lead, a hot guy (or two) to love her, save-the-world kind of action, a little naughty sexy time, and throw some sarcastic wit on top for good measure. Sixteen months and approximately 113 books later, we’re still finding new series we want to read all the time. It is amazing how huge this genre is right now. (Someone please tell that to our local used book store that only houses three shelves of the stuff. But maybe like me, everyone is keeping their books to read again.) There are so many books. We’ll never get to them all. And there are so many good ones, every time I pick a favorite; it is quickly replaced by another.

So where does my possible OCD come in? I have this thing where I like to own the whole series before I start reading them, I have to read them in order, and I prefer not to interrupt one series with other books if I can help it. (Make the occasional exception for a new release we’ve been waiting for from a previous series. We have to find out what happens next!) And let’s face it, in a series like the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning, there is no way you want to wait a year in between books. You need that next one now! So, I soon discovered used books on eBay and became obsessed with collecting complete series. I have a spreadsheet to keep track of each series, who’s read what & who has which book, correct read order, when new releases come out, and which books we still need to buy. Can you say anal? Yes indeed. But it totally works.

This compulsion has even spilled over into me buying books for my kids. As you can imagine, we have all the Magic Tree House Books and have started on Junie B. Jones. Hello, my name is Katy and I have an addiction.

So where are we at today? My husband says NO MORE buying books until I read all the ones stacked in my office. Haven’t bought any new series for months, I swear…for me anyway…the kids are different. Baseball season has slowed some of the moms’ read speed down as they are busy shuttling kids to and fro. But for me, summer is the best time for reading because there is nothing good on TV and the kids can play outside. (But damn you Netflix on Wii – We’ll talk Spartacus another time).

I am currently finishing up the Hollows Series by Kim Harrison, a third of the way into Pale Demon, and will be reviewing that series for you all shortly. I’ve been hinting, then pushing, now moping for the other gals to start on this series so I have someone to talk to about it. I’m the 2nd in the group to read it, the 1st doesn’t work with us anymore and I’m forced to shoot off random emails LOL’ing about Jenks’ Tink comments and griping about Trent Kalamack. Girls, read the damn books already! They’re worth it!

Till next time – Katy B.


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