Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, oh my!

This vamp tramp’s random thoughts on Vampire Diaries – Season 2: Episode 20.

(Ok, seriously, I thought we were in season 3 thanks to the screwy split season schedule this show has had. ) Anyhow, I will start out by saying I love any episode that opens with Damon lying in bed! And then we are right into my second favorite thing about Damon, his hilarious sarcastic wit. He always has the best lines. The writers do a fabulous job of appealing to that twisted part of me that is attracted to the smart ass.  Best line of the night: when discussing plan options for killing Klaus and Elena says Bonnie cannot die, Damon says, “I’ll write her a great eulogy.” and gives that adorable smirk/shrug of his. Damon, you are my soul mate!

So does anyone else suspect Elijah might be holding something back, making stuff up, or perhaps flat out lying? Or is it just me? Why would he tell them everything? I have a hard time going from he’s the bad guy that’s going to kill them all, to all of a sudden trusting every word out of his mouth. I want him on their side, I do, but my trust issues are kicking in and my guard is up. And I might add, Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah, makes a great original – seems sophisticated, respectful and old enough yet handsome – But Klaus, although very easy on the eyes, looks like a 20 year old surf wear model. Part of me thinks an ancient original vampire should look a little more… ancient, but come on, there has never been a bad looking actor on this show.

Sorry Stefan, but I couldn’t help but want Damon & Elena to kiss when they were talking in his bedroom. Heat baby, heat. And I ask you this: can you really force someone to swallow? (take that anyway you want to) And how many times has Elena swallowed vampire blood now – 3 or 4 times perhaps? Yet it always turns out fine with her remaining human. And how many times has Stefan been stabbed/staked in the stomach? Pretty sure it’s at least six by now – why were they so worried about him this time? He’ll live (well, figuratively speaking).

Things I loved:

  1. So Klaus needs a werewolf for the ritual…enter Tyler. Hooray, he’s back! Oh no, don’t hurt my Tyler. He’s too pretty. (But his hair does look a little odd today)
  2. Matt & Sheriff scheming – glad it’s back to that storyline. Oh, is Matt going to stick up for Caroline? Yes! It’s about time. And just like that, Mattie is back in my good graces.
  3. Alaric and Damon – you know I love it when they team up. Go Team Dalaric / Alamon!! And I am very happy Alaric and Jenna made up too. I would have been devastated if Klaus’ possession had killed him. He is my # 3.
  4. Great Elena line of the night: “super-powered vampire jumpy things”. And I love that Elena is opposite of Bella in the whole “I never wanted to be a vampire” category.
  5. Damon’s facial expression when Klaus says not to do anything he’ll regret. Um, too late.
  6. HOLD THE PHONE! Mattie with a rifle?! Yea, way to help out mopey boy.
  7. It’s mean, but I’m glad Jewels is going down. I didn’t like that bitch (pun intended). She’s always telling my Tyler what to do.

Other Random Observations:

  1. Jiminy Christmas! When are they going to remember to have Bonnie make them some kind of witch/warlock-proof helmet or something? That would be high on my list if I kept getting ‘mentally zapped’ by the bad guys.
  2. I know Elena now has vampire blood in her system in case she dies, but what about the no-expiration-date elixir? It wouldn’t hurt to have a backup. I’d have drank that too for double coverage.
  3. It seems like Nina Dobrev’s acting is so much better as Katherine than as Elena. But I guess true to real life, it’s easier to be the bitch. Niceness just seems fake or naive.  (PS- I don’t think she’s a bad actress, I’m just saying)
  4. When Caroline told Tyler she could never hate him, his eyes went from normal looking to what I can best describe as a hungry stoner looking at a cupcake. I love those two’s chemistry together and hope they end up together in the long run.
  5. Mid-way through the show there was a commercial for Magnum ice cream bars – which I never heard of until then and couldn’t figure out why the girl was running over tops of cars to get to the Magnum Condom truck. Heck maybe she was horny sitting in that traffic jam, who knows. All I know is that Magnum says condom to me, not ice cream.

Jenna a vampire? NO WAY!?!?  Damon suffering from wolf bite? OH MAN, how are they going to fix all this? And where are Elijah and Bonnie while all this Klaus kidnap chaos is going down? Man I love this show. Can’t wait until next week.   -Vamp tramp 1 signing off.


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