Hello world!

I feel like I am about ten years behind the curve but have finally started my own blog.

What took me so long? Well…kids, work, housework and the endless chores of motherhood made me feel like I had time for nothing or no one else. This is the first year of my life since parenthood that I finally feel I can take time to myself and even attempt things I like to do.  I started working out over a year ago, getting into shape – oh yeah mom’s can look good too! And I have started actively reading again. I had forgotten how much I loved it, now that I can read what I want and not the gigantic textbooks on Business Law or Accounting Principles that put me to sleep in my college days.  (Funny how college made me hate reading – isn’t that counter productive to the whole higher education idea?)  Maybe it’s because the boys are finally old enough to entertain themselves more, or maybe I just had enough of being an invisible piece of furniture – either way – watch out world, I finally care about myself again.

Now…to figure out how to use this fancy thing…hmm.


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